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nutrient decoders



Abs/flexibility on siwss ball jackknife stretching legs with push up... easy!


LISS(low intensity steady-state) training proved to be effective in fat loss due to the fact that when we train at a low to moderate intensity, our main source of energy is fat.


Today's trainning ABS/Flexibility on siwss ball jackknife stretching legs


Men health 200 special edition 3/2018
Strategy’s to keep your New Years goals:
Establish baby steps each month like “this month I’ll make the effort to go to the gym twice a week”. The new technology helps you to achieve your goals like “my watch will help counting 10 thousands steps per day”. Compromise things like go with a friend to your gym or have a personal trainer. If both go to the same side it will become hard to just give up.
What is negative series? It’s series where the eccentric phase of the movement it’s executed which means that with the help of a personal trainer you should increase the weight in order to only do the stretching phase while the personal trainer does the concentric phase. That will result in you having a big trim of fibers. Exemple: A spin plane exercise in which you have the bar going down (negative phase) to then the personal trainer increase the bar (concentric phase). Have a good train!


Mobility training for pistol squat


Fit Box with @marianapereira894 . Movements: Jab, Direct and Body Rip. Don’t get yourself caught


Fit Boxe
Protocol "Tabata"Timer
Fitness & Boxe 20" of power and 10"of rest during 4'. Ideally for fat burner.


Abdominal belly defined pilates workout for whom suffers from cervical pain


Dragonfly Abs Workout...


Abs Roller and Push Up workout. Have you done it?