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You see I was never the daughter who was lifted up. I was the little girl who was bullied and tormented at school almost on a daily basis. I was the wife who was controlled and belittled. I was the naive young lady who was taken advantage of, raped and left to pick herself back up 14 years ago. Needless to say in my mind I lacked any confidence in myself or my abilities. —————————————
At my low point I had nothing left inside because of years of neglect and abuse. I put up huge walls and wanted to hide because I always felt inadequate. I also cared too much and was hypersensitive to what others thought of me. The thought of someone else hurting me was something I didn’t think I could handle anymore. —————————————
Blaming the world made a lot of sense to me for a long time. Looking back by doing so I missed out on a lot. I needed to realize my life and how I wanted to be had to start with me. I had to learn to put myself first. —————————————-
Recovering from trauma isn’t easy. Recovering from trauma multiple times is that much harder. —————————————
I always wondered what my main talent or gift was. After spending some time thinking about this, I realized I’m resilient AF! Today I walk with confidence knowing I deserve happiness and fulfillment just like anyone else. No one should ever make you feel like you’re not worthy. —————————————
Fitness pulled me out of the darkest place and provided a path for me to become the woman I was meant to be. If you find yourself in a darker place because of life circumstances, understand you’re not alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you want there to be. I used to think happiness wasn’t possible, but I really just had to find it within me. The confidence and genuine happiness I feel today is the best transformation! #myfitnessjourney #resilientaf #strongwomen #survivor #fitnessgirl #fitnesslifestyle #healthymindset #healthyliving #dontcountmeout #radiatefromwithin #beautyisyou #beyourownsuperhero #youdecidewhoyouare #fitnessismylifestyle #depressionawareness #fitfam #lifestyleblogger #lifestylecoach #iam1stphorm #duespaid
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Gilbert, Arizona

I came back from my trip down a couple pounds from last week 😂. Basically @mishkadawn said do a refeed today. 350 grams of carbs. Sure! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Who am I to argue? I’m putting it to good use. Heavy hip thrusters felt great today. I’m loving how responsive my body is being at the moment and eating a lot is awesome right now! 👌🏻 #myfitnessjourney #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #brickbybrick #reversedieting #stopdietingandrethink #fitfam #thisismylifestyle #allthecarbs #gluteworkout #motivationmonday #adofitness💕 #iam1stphorm #duespaid

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I was never an athlete. I can remember a time in my life where I would easily gasp for air trying to run for barely 25 feet. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I needed to get uncomfortable to be comfortable. I basically needed to implement changes, but I found trying to do it all at once ended up causing me to constantly fall more times than I can count. Thankfully I started to be better informed and became more patient. 😊
We’re over a month into the New Year and how are you doing so far with your fitness resolutions? Do you find things easy to stick to or are you running out of steam? —————————————
Take it from a gal who has lost 80 pounds from my heaviest weight that potentially taking a more slow and steady approach may be just what you need! —————————————
Focus on a couple of habits this week instead of trying to do it all. For instance you can set aside an hour or two for meal prepping, and aim for 3 gym sessions instead of 5. Perhaps focusing on getting enough water each day and getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep may be something that can help you this week! —————————————
Once you have mastered a couple of habits over a little time, add to them! For me over time each training session and being more consistent with my nutrition got me to where I am today. The thing to keep in mind is that I didn’t start here, but I learned to build my current lifestyle. If I can do it, you can too! #myfitnessjourney #youdecidewhoyouare #habitstaketimetoform
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Gilbert, Arizona

The mind is very powerful! The one valuable lesson I’ve learned over the years is if you believe something something enough it’ll either be true or it won’t. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Obviously there’s actual facts verses fiction. I’m talking about positive verses negative thinking and not having an open mind to things. —————————————
Many of you have followed me long enough to know my transformation story. If you’re new to my page check out my recent #transformationtuesday post! 😉
As the years passed I started to visualize more of the woman I wanted to become. The vision I had went way beyond physical, but I will tell you that taking care of my body from a place of self love yielded more results than I ever imagined possible. 💜
I didn’t just wake up feeling comfortable in my own skin. My journey has been a process. I’m now 37 years old and I no longer do tons of cardio and spend hours in the gym. I eat roughly 2K calories a day, but this also took me time. —————————————
Trust me in that I didn’t just wake up immediately after starting my journey being able to feel comfortable in a crop top. 😂 This process took days of consistency with holding myself to a higher standard and not giving up because I had a bad day or week. —————————————
My main goal is to help women think differently about themselves, which will ultimately help them get the type of results they hope to achieve. It’s possible with the right mindset! #myfitnessjourney #youdecidewhoyouare #bestself #healthymindsethappylife #healthynutrition #makefitnessapriority #putyourselffirst #loveyourbody #beautystartsontheinside #stopdietingandrethink #bodytransformation #progressnotperfection #fitfam #youcanachieveanything #lifestylecoach #lifestyleblogger #iam1stphorm @tiffanyalanooriphotography @jessa_brennan

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Happy Flex Friday! I’m smiling because I had an amazing workout this morning before getting on a plane today! —————————————-
Traveling tends to make me a bit tired so I decided to get up my normal time today to get it done! I talk a little on my story about this being my lifestyle. When you make fitness a priority you’ll get it done! I feel healthy so why not? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sleep goal was overall ok. @sarawitzl_fit and I had a chat yesterday about sleep goals. Last night I got a little more than 6 hours because I worked late and had to pack, but I didn’t feel too bad this morning. —————————————
I think my body has finally recovered from my diet so I’m ready to stay the course a bit before any cutting. My sleep has been so much better and overall quality of life has gone up! Its wonderful to put my focus on other things for a bit. I have a summer move coming up along with a few other things so not dieting is the smart decision for me for the time being. 😊😁 —————————————
I’m looking forward to a nice long weekend doing some things I haven’t really done before. I hope you all have an amazing weekend too! #myfitnessjourney #bestself #flexfriday #reversedieting #youdecidewhoyouare #lifestylecoach #fitfam #careerwoman #militarymuscle #putyourselffirst #maketimeforyourself #liftheavythings #strongwomen #adofitness #iam1stphorm


I’m reaching my mini goal of focusing on sleep this week. Waking up hasn’t felt like a chore! 😂 ——————————————
I’m enjoying the extra calories. Yes, the scale has gone up slightly, but I understand why. Ladies, stop being overly consumed with scale weight. I used to drive myself nuts. ——————————————
I’m pretty certain I’m very close to my maintenance calories now. I finished my cut back in December so it’s taken me this long to finally work my way back up. Slow steady increase over time minimizes fat gain. I never would have thought I could consume this much food and stay at this weight unless I finally trusted a process and had an open mind. ——————————————
If you’re not willing to get over the mental hurdles and have the patience to trust a process then don’t be surprised if you continue to get stuck in a place you hate. This is just me being honest. It’s ok to not be ready for something different. I know because I was there, but then I realized I had nothing to lose by trying something different. 🙌🏻💜💪🏻 #myfitnessjourney #stopdietingandrethink #healthymindbodysoul #reversedieting #allthecarbs #gluteworkout🍑 #gains #liftheavyoften #strongwomen #bodytransformation #bodybuilding #fitnessismylifestyle💪💪 #youdecidewhoyouare #tryanewapproach #lifestylecoach #iam1stphorm #duespaid

VASA Fitness

Sometimes it’s amazing how discovering a new passion can just fulfill you in a way you never thought possible. —————————————
Going through my own personal journey, I have found I love working with other women. I want them to unlock their potential to be vibrant, confident and happy their own skin too! 💜 —————————————
Flexible dieting was a huge game changer for me. It made my fitness journey sustainable. If you’re curious about flexible dieting go to the link in my bio and click on the link for my free macro guide. I also have a free Facebook community you can be a part of! Just shoot me a DM for more info. I host quarterly challenges with awesome prizes. We would love to see you there! As always DM me with questions. I’d love to help. #stopdietingandrethink #healthymindset #healthyliving #becomfortableinyourownskin #strongwomenlifteachotherup #youdecidewhoyouare #bestself #bodytransformation #lifestylecoach #lifestyleblogger #beautyisyou #habitsbuildsuccess #discoverwhoyoureallyare #unlockyourgreatness #movepastyourbarriers #fitnessisajourney

Venice, California

I won’t lie. I can be a pretty uptight person at times. Often the biggest criticism I get from others is I take things too seriously. 😬
In general, I guess that’s just how I’m wired. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Much of that came from how unhappy I was for a long time. —————————————
Over time I learned to have a better sense of humor and have some fun. 😊 Pursuing my new found passion has genuinely put a smile on my face and has brought wonderful people like @amandamusefit into my life. This new found joy I feel is my main reason why I love working with other women now and helping them feel good about themselves too! —————————————
What’s holding you back from taking a step forward toward looking and feeling better? I have 1 one-on-one coaching spot left. DM me for more information and to see if we’re a good fit! 💜 #bestself #wcw😍 #youdecidewhoyouare #stopdietingandrethink #fitfam #overcomeyourobstacles #fearshouldntbeanexcuse #bodytransformation #lifestylecoach #strongwomenlifteachotherup #careerwomen #girlswholiftheavy #influenceracademy

Golds Gym Venice "The Mecca"

I’ve been extremely happy with this second reverse diet. The scale has gone up slightly, but I know it’s good weight gain. In the past I would have gotten stressed out, but what I’m doing right now is serving a purpose. The scale isn’t the tell all of where my body is at right now. 🤷🏻‍♀️
By scaling back on cardio and eating more over time my strength has gone up, I’ve gotten leaner, I’m sleeping better, and I just feel overall better. There is a process after dieting that more people should talk about, but they don’t. Sustainable results is what I’m after now along with my future fitness goals. Definitely don’t be afraid to try a different approach if you feel like you’re stuck. I tell women all the time my turning point was when I pictured myself a year out rather than what I wanted to look like in a month! 🙌🏻💪🏻💜!! #myfitnessjourney #stopdietingandrethink #bestself #trusttheprocess #bodytransformation #bodybuilding #strongwomenlift #dontbeafraidtoeat #flexibledietinglifestyle #iifym #fitfam #2018goals #lifestylecoach #youdecidewhoyouwanttobe #mevsme #militarymuscle #earlymorningworkout #iam1stphorm #duespaid


I allowed myself to be a victim of my circumstances. The photo on the left I partied and smiled in photos because I drank in excess. —————————————-
My early 20s are so distant now. Partying was my way of dealing with years of hurt and pain I felt inside. My drinking and eating clearly got out of control, and I somehow managed to develop a bit of a smoking habit. Exercise was a rare thing for me, and for a while I thought about suicide. —————————————
Slowly but surely over time I got better mentally. I went to therapy, started exercising more, I quit smoking, and the drinking became less and less over time. —————————————
Overtime I was fortunate to have been influenced by some amazing people, sought mentorship, and relied on a support system. The woman on the right is the product of not giving up. —————————————-
Today I get fulfillment from helping others believe in themselves. 💜 My journey was long, but I wouldn’t change any of it because of what I know now. It all started with my desire to take one step in the right direction. Letting go of the past and moving forward in life can be scary. Don’t be afraid of being who you are meant to be. I eventually found my way and you absolutely can too! #myfitnessjourney #bestself #transformationtuesday #bodytransformation #youdecidewhoyouare #habitsmakeadifference #stopdietingandrethink #believeinyourself #unlockyourpotential #powerisabeautifulthing #depressionawareness #healthymindset #healthylifestyle #lifestyleblogger #lifestylecoach #lifeisworthliving #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #iam1stphorm #duespaid #legionofboom

Layton, Utah

I recently hosted a 7-day challenge for my Facebook community. 😊 One of the themes was putting yourself first and making time for self care. —————————————-
I no longer see waking up at 4am as a chore. I see it as guaranteed time each day to devote to myself so I can be my best. 🤷🏻‍♀️
There’s always time to work in what is a priority to you. If today isn’t a good day to get in a workout when will a good day be? Consistency gets you where you need to be so you’re better off starting today. 😊🙌🏻👊🏻 #myfitnessjourney #mevsme #stopdietingandrethink #todayisagoodday #consistencyforthewin #youdecidewhoyouare #theresnobetterdaythantoday #fitfam #motivationmonday #careerwoman #militarymuscle #gluteday🍑 #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #lifestyleblogger #lifestylecoach #healthylifestyle #thisismylifenow #iam1stphorm #duespaid #legionofboom