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Crystals are growing in popularity these days but these ancient minerals are also ancient spiritual tools for healing. There are countless minerals produced in the pressurized womb of Mother Earth which rise to the surface to become healing crystals that share their magic and insight with us.

Everything on earth is comprised of energy – and rocks, gems, and crystals are no different. They are each made up of tiny crystals in specific molecular structures that are constantly in motion, which also causes each stone and crystal to emit a unique vibration and signature energy field.
This is where science and mysticism intersect: Crystals are millions of years old and were forged during the earliest part of the earth’s formation. I think of crystals as a timeless database of knowledge, because they retain all the information they have ever been exposed to. Crystals absorb information—whether a severe weather pattern, or the experience of an ancient ceremony—and pass it to anyone that comes into contact with them.
People have been attracted to crystals since the dawn of time for burial rites, divination practices, healing rituals, spiritual advancement, and even simply as decoration to connote power. Our ancestors intuitively knew that when worn, the energies of the stones would interact with the human electromagnetic field to bring about energetic changes. People gravitate towards vortexes (where energy is either entering into the earth or projecting out of the earth’s plane) like Stonehenge and Sedona because these ancient and massive magical rocks sit on top of energetic ley lines—making them, in effect, an energy portal or place of power. People choose to wear diamonds as a sign of binding two people together (diamonds are the most indestructible natural substance on earth), and adorn the crowns of royals with crystals. 🙏



Grief is a natural response to the loss of someone or something very dear to us.

Losses that may lead to grief include the death of a loved one or a beloved pet, loss of a marriage or job, or other major life changes like becoming an “empty nester” or retirement.

You might have heard that healing from grief happens in ‘stages’. Research more for: how the stages of grief work and the bestsummary of each of the 5 stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Not everyone will go through all of the 5 stages of grief. You will also find a useful list of the common emotional symptoms and physical symptoms of grief.... The ‘Denial’ Stage of Grief

The first reaction to learning about the terminal illness, loss, or death of a cherished loved one is to deny the reality of the situation.
It is a normal reaction to rationalize overwhelming emotions. It is a defense mechanism that buffers the immediate shock of the loss... The ‘Anger’ Stage of Grief

This stage of grief is where we search for blame, feel intense guilt, and lash out.
You may still not be ready to deal with the reality of the situation, so you express your intense pain as anger.... The ‘Bargaining’ Stage of Grief

When we face a painful loss, we may try to make a secret deal with God or a higher power in an attempt to postpone the inevitable.
The bargaining stage of grief serves an important purpose. It provides temporary escape from one’s pain and provides hope. This gives a person time to adjustto the reality of the situation... The ‘Depression’ Stage of Grief

Depression may occur when reality reallysinks in.

During this stage of grief, intense sadness, decreased sleep, reduced appetite, and loss of motivation are common... The ‘Acceptance’ Stage of Grief

In this stage of grief, the bereaved person accepts the reality of their loss and the fact that nothing can change that reality.
Acceptance does NOT mean that the person is “okay” with the loss... Here are emotions commonly experienced by grieving people:











Obsession (memories of the deceased)




Qi Gong Practices for Activating the Pineal Gland and Harmonizing the Crystal Palace

Many Chi Kung (also known as Qi Gong) practices contain simple elements like breathing or tapping that can be used to activate the bones and glands of the Crystal Palace.

Various breath practices move the pumps, activating the pineal and pituitary glands as well as stimulating the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.
Gently tapping your forehead in between your eyebrows activates the pineal gland and all three structures of the Crystal Palace. The vibration sends a wave directly back to the pineal gland, activating it in the process. The same vibration also moves through the bones to the sphenoid, which in turn stimulates the pituitary gland that rests in the sella ­turcica. The vibration of the pituitary awakens the hypothalamus through the pituitary stalk.
Toning or chanting sends vibrations into the Crystal Palace, activating the pineal and other glands and energizing the CSF. Chanting the eight forces of the pakua to draw in elemental energies is an exceptionally powerful exercise for activating the Crystal Palace.
Being in Darkness:
Darkness triggers increased production and release of melatonin, and eventually of pinoline and DMT as a result of its effect of activating the pineal gland and helping to stimulate function of and open the third eye.
Laughing & Smiling
Smiling opens both the heart and the crown, allowing more light to penetrate while also increasing the vibration of the organs. Laughing and smiling reduce stress and relax the body, which increases the flow of chi. 
Since energy flows where our attention goes, bringing our attention to the structures of the Crystal Palace will activate them.
As we practice Spinal Cord Breathing, the rhythmic pulsing of the spinal cord creates an electromagnetic field that charges the cerebrospinal fluid and enhances the circulation of this important fluid throughout the body, resulting in pineal gland activation. Increased flow shifts the electrolyte balance, the means by which regulates the body’s ability to conduct electricity. The greater the conductivity, the more energy flow. 🙏⚛✴🔼🌍



Tantra is a beautiful way to heal wounded sexuality and give you back your body and your life. It combines the ancient spiritual arts of sacred connection to yourself and others, gleaned from the wisdom traditions of many paths, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism and Native American spirituality. Using deep and intentional breathing, imagery and movement, tantra moves the kundalini or vital life force (prana) through the chakras, opening and energizing them, bringing you home to yourself.
Sex is like any activity. You can use techniques and understanding to get good at it. You can train your body to perform well at it.
The starting point is access to high-quality knowledge.
Tantric traditions offer a set of simple exercises and strategies for staying strong, vital and sexually healthy regardless of age.
A Taoist philosopher, WOU-HIEN, said very clearly:
“The masculine belongs to the Yang.
Yang’s particular thing is that it can be easily aroused,
But it gives up very quickly, almost instantly.
The feminine belongs to the Yin.
Yin’s particular thing is that it is slow, even hard to arouse,
But it is also hard enough to be stopped after awakening.”
TAO is a wisdom that has been taught for thousands of years. The fundamental idea of the Taoist philosophy is that the energy that penetrates everything and the vital ardour are the source of life. In the universal structure of things and phenomena, the human being is a tiny little creature that cannot hope for harmony or happy life unless it lives in equilibrium with this subtle, macrocosm source of Life and Power.
At its essence, Tantra is a practice that combines movement,breath, meditation and sound, to assist the Chakra energy system within the body to open. This opening allows dormant energy, known as Kundalini, to move up from the pelvis, along the spine. 🐉🙏❤



How to Let Go of Things from the Past
It’s a question many of us ask ourselves each time we experience heartache or emotional pain: how do you let go of past hurts and move on?

Holding on to the past can be a conscious decision just like letting go and moving forward can be a conscious decision.
One thing that connects us as human beings is our ability to feel pain. Whether that pain is physical or emotional, we all have experiences of being hurt. What separates us though, is how we deal with that pain.... Create a positive mantra to counter the painful thoughts
How you talk to yourself can either move you forward or keep you stuck. Often, having a mantra that you tell yourself in times of emotional pain can help you reframe your thoughts.
Create physical distance
It’s not uncommon to hear someone say that you should distance yourself from the person or situation that is causing you to be upset.
Do your own work
Focusing on yourself is important. You have to make the choice to address the hurt that you’ve experienced. 
Practice mindfulness
The more we can bring our focus to the present moment, the less impact our past or future has on us.
Be gentle with yourself
If your first response to not being able to let go of a painful situation is to criticize yourself, it’s time to show yourself some kindness and compassion.
Allow the negative emotions to flow
If you’re fear of feeling negative emotions is causing you to avoid them, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact many times, people are afraid of feelings such as grief, anger, disappointment, or sadness.
Accept that the other person may not apologize.
So what. Let it go and learn from it.
Engage in self-care
Practicing self-care can look like setting boundaries, saying no, doing the things that bring us joy and comfort, and listening to our own needs first.
Surround yourself with people who fill you up
This simple yet powerful tip can help carry you through a lot of hurt. Salam/Namaste 🙏🔆🌍



Quetzalcóatl (pron. Quet-zal-co-at) was one of the most important gods in ancient Mesoamerica. The god known as the Plumed Serpent is a mix of bird and rattle snake and his name is a combination of the Nahuatl words for the quetzal - the emerald plumed bird - and coatl or serpent. He was also known as Kukulkán to the Maya, Gucumatz to the Quiché of Guatemala, and Ehecatlto the Huastecs of the Gulf Coast. He was regarded as the god of winds and rain and as the creator of the world and mankind. In Central Mexico from 1200 CE he was also considered the patron god of priests and merchants and considered the god of learning, science, agriculture, crafts and the arts. He also invented the calendar, was identified with Venus, the rising morning star, he was associated with opossums and even discovered corn (maize) with the help of giant red ant that led him to a mountain packed full of grain and seeds. In the myth of mankind’s creation Quetzalcóatl descends into Mictlán - the underworld - where he is sent to remove some bones. However, Mictlanteuctli and Mictlancihuatl, the ruling gods of the underworld, agree to give the bones only if Quetzalcóatl can blow a conch-shell horn that has no holes in it. The clever Quetzalcóatl gets around the problem by having worms drill holes in the conch and putting bees inside to make it sound. Quetzalcóatl also pretends to leave the underworld without the bones, declaring his intention to leave them where they are whilst in actual fact he steals them from under the nose of Mictlanteuctli. The god is outraged at the deceit and makes a pit to entrap the trickster. Quetzalcóatl does indeed fall into the pit and in so doing scatters the ill-gotten bones so that the male and female parts are mixed. Gathering up the bones, Quetzalcóatl escapes the pit and gives them to the great snake goddess Cihuacóatl to magically fashion them into people by mixing them with corn and some of Quetzalcóatl’s blood. ▪⚛✴



Humanity is Losing Its Precious Symbology

The all-seeing eye is a powerful esoteric symbol which is widely misunderstood and misused today; few know what it originally stood for. It was originally symbolic of a higher spiritual power or God, a watchful caretaker of humanity or an awakened spiritual part within. But these days it has quite different associations.
The all-seeing eye is one of the most powerful and widely used – and misused – symbols of all. In this article I trace its use from the earliest of times through to the 18th century, and show what the symbol originally stood for. My next article will examine its use from 18th century freemasonry onwards, and show how it has since been hijacked and misused. The Hindu god Shiva has three eyes. The third eye or brow chakra eye is known as the eye of Shiva, possessor of all knowledge, which when opened will destroy anything it sees. Thus it is a symbol of knowledge which destroys evil and ignorance.
This again can be likened to an awakened higher spiritual part of a person which sees the truth of things and can then eliminate within a person’s psyche that which is opposite to and blocks divine consciousness from manifesting more. In this way it is a “creative destruction” of evil to transform it into higher consciousness.
As we have seen, throughout history there has been a strong tradition across time, continents and cultures of using eye symbolism to generally represent a benevolent creator force watching over, helping and protecting humanity and to represent a spiritual part within. 🐉🦋🕊🕸🌎👑



Going through a spiritual awakening is one of the most confusing, lonely, alienating, but also supremely beautiful experiences in life. Put simply, spiritual awakenings mark the beginning of your initiation on the spiritual path. Without experiencing a spiritual awakening, we go throughout life pursuing the emptiness of money, fame, power, and respect in an attempt to find “happiness.” If you have experienced a spiritual awakening, you have come to see through the lies and illusions of this world. Deep in your soul, you realize that nothing external has ever, and can ever, bring you true happiness or fulfillment. This profound realization leaves you craving for something richer, more fulfilling, and something that will make you feel whole once again.
Spiritual awakenings happen as a natural product of soulful maturity. Soulful maturity is the process of inner growth, maturation, and expansion. Just as everything in life grows, so too does our connection with our Souls.
The more you come to embody your Soul, the more you taste true and lasting joy, peace, fulfillment, freedom, and love.
There are many spiritual awakening symptoms. In fact, spiritual awakening symptoms are not only emotional but also psychological and even physical. Here are ten of the most common symptoms out there. See how many you can identify with: Feeling as though your life has changed forever

Uncertainty and fear

No longer liking what you once liked to do

Extreme desire for solitude

Feeling greater empathy for others

More experiences of synchronicity

Becoming more sensitive

Going through bouts of anxiety & depression.

Asking questions such as “Why am I here?” and “What is my life purpose?” Thirst for truth and spiritual self-fulfillment

Spiritual awakenings mark the beginning of our spiritual paths. However, spiritual awakenings can be shocking, painful and extremely unsettling periods of our lives. Often people who experience spiritual awakenings feel as though their entire lives have been turned upside down and inside out. This experience can therefore lead to self-isolation and even problems such as depression and chronic anxiety.



Your Soul came into being long before your Mother gave birth to you. Your true being is not made of the flesh; instead you are an entity more advanced than this mortal world can reveal. You are a spiritual addition to a wondrous creation which you hardly know. Your memories have been erased by the human satire of illusion, yet you sense there is more. Be silent and listen for the melody of your glorious spirit, and hear your voice of reason. Be still and experience the love, peace and harmony from which you came and feel the joyful part of you that exists. Be aware that now is your time and eternity is your space! Finding the truth from within our own being reveals the larger picture. The choices we make in this life can influence our eternal progress. A soul searching endeavor can be the first right choice we can ever make in this life. Finding our own truth about our being is not only possible, but crucial in making any sense of our time on this planet. The advantages for doing so are endless! To live knowing every moment is never a waste of time will take the tremendous burden of stress away. To understand that by embracing the natural habitat we were born into, an abundant universe will be exposed. To be able to accept every individual without animosity, is to know you are truly never alone. There is another existence that supersedes our human intellect. It is an astral plane of divine consciousness and home for the soul. Each soul is uniquely manifested from a divine Source of infinite love. Essentially a spark is produced out of a whirling spiral of brilliant color and light and then sent to be nurtured to become an additional expression of the expanding whole presence. As unique as each new soul is, there is a genetic mark of infinite love with everlasting sustainment to guarantee each souls existence. This genetic mark is best described in the Hindu philosophy of Antahkarana; which means the web of life, or the net of life spanning Spirit and Matter connecting and sensitizing the whole of creation within itself and to the heart of God. Salam/Namaste



Symbolism & Initiation: the divine creator Allah the Light The Creator of ALL, represents his divine grace in nature through 12 Universal Laws & 7 laws of manifestation.... The Yin Yang, negative positive, Male Female is already balanced in the FOUR Elements. To HEAL the planet you meet to devote your life to service. You have a choice to serve the Animal Kingdom, Humans or our Planet GaiaSophia... This is a humble new beginning of a cosmic cycle, we need to balance to be able to pass the test of spiritual salvation with deep loving energy of HOPE & the intention of HEALING with galactic shamanic rituals to ALL creation, using ZEN focus & intuition, making a harmonic FLOW in every direction of the planet and beyond, asking the spirits of nature to activate the 5D crystalline consciousness of GaiaSofia & creating the waves of ONENESS 🙏🌍👑🐉👽💎🎶❤️️👸🏻



The Emotional Painbody and why Psychotherapy can´t heal it... Feelings are the body´s reaction on the mind (the thoughts). Feelings arise where the mind and the body meet. They are reflections of the mind in the body. Feelings can also be a reflection of a whole thoughtpattern. A thoughtpattern can create an enlarged and energycharged reflection of itself in the form of a feeling. This means, that the whole of the thought´s past also can create a reflection of itself in the body. And if this past is filled with pain, then it can show itself as a negative energyfield in the body. Eckhart Tolle calls this the emotional painbody. It contains all the pain you have accumulated in the past. It is the sum of the negative feelings which you have ”saved together” through life and which you carry. And it can nearly be seen as an invisible, independent creature. Therefore we also could, as H.C. Andersen does in his fairy tale, call it the Shadow.
The painbody lives of, that you are identified with the negative thoughtpattern behind it. In this way the painbody gets your energy. And for that reason you also give energy to your negative feelings, when you activate your thoughtpattern. Negative feelings will in other words increase if you express them. And the painbody is, through the inner evaluating ego, which the painbody is constructed around, connected with the more dangerous dephts of the astral plane´s collective history, which also are a kind of dark, ancient inertia, which opposes any change of the ego. The energies found here are unfathomable, and when you direct them into your painbody, you are really facing problems. That is what is happening in a spiritual crisis... Ego-inflation happens when the ego has embezzled itself energy, which rightly belongs to the collective time. Meditation is in all simplicity about separating and dismantling the consciousness´ automatical identification with these functions... Research, Make TIME for daily meditation, seek Healers & Yogis, BREATHE & focus in the NOW. 🐉🙏👑



In metaphysical teaching, one of the first beliefs that we are taught to accept and to realize is the oneness of this universe. We are taught that there are an infinite number of manifestations, but only One Creative Source. Therefore all things — including human beings — emanate from this One Creative Source.

An example of this oneness is that each of us has one body. Yet, our bodies are composed of many parts. Each organ, cell and tissue has a different function, and all these parts play an integral part of the whole. The various components of each body are no more important than the others. Mentally, we all have a mind with which to think. Emotionally, we have a need to be loved, sheltered, protected and a desire to share with others. Even with those individuals who have exhibited the most heinous behaviors in our communities, these needs are nevertheless basic within all. This is evidence of oneness. As we accept this belief that The Divine Creator, Light & Love the Source is ALL is the single procreator of us all, then we must necessarily recognize that we are one. Spiritually we are all parts of the whole. Each part is equal in quality. Every race and every culture is a part of the magnificent whole. Each community of beings is an equal part of the whole which is God. One Father. One Mother. One Creative Source that is ever passing on its spiritual genetics. And each component or individualization is equal. We are the same. Each organ of the body has a function. It serves the whole. Each sibling in the family has its parents’ DNA, each individual will look and act uniquely. Oneness is a reality. To respect and Accept others. Our realisation of oneness can assist us in creating a peaceful and loving environment in which we all can live. A Soul Family.. The truth is that we all come and leave this earthly plane in the same manner. We all have the same basic needs, whether they are spiritual, psychological, emotional or physical. Realize that our oneness is a reality that helps us to reside on this earthly plane in peace, love and joy... make TIME for daily Spiritual Rituals to heal, feel & balance your Mind, Body & Spirit. 🙏🐉🌍