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Photo by Christian Ziegler @christianziegler | An endangered Gee's golden langur (Trachypithecus geei) licks clay from her fingers in the Himalayan foothills. In 2017 and 2018, I spent months in Bhutan tracking and photographing these beautiful primates. I found they regularly visited an exposed clay cliff where they would eat handfuls of mineral-rich clay, which likely helps them to digest leaves and unripe fruits. The Gee’s golden langur is safe in Bhutan, but fewer than 6,500 individuals remain in the wild and it's locally extinct across parts of its historic range. In collaboration with @uwicer, the Ugyen Wangchuk Institute for Conservation and Environment Research, Bhutan. @insidenatgeo supported me with a grant for this work. @thephotosociety #Bhutan #Conservation #RoyalManasNationalPark #Himalaya Follow me @christianziegler for more wildlife and nature stories.


Colorful Spaghetti | Photograph by Kei Sasaki (@iekikasas)
“The Sumida River is famous in Tokyo, Japan, especially for the party boat called ‘Yakata-bune.’ The boat gives photographers light trails in the night,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Kei Sasaki. “After a very cold winter season, the boat season begins. You can see a lot of boats during the evening, especially Friday nights.”

"I can feel the party energy you describe in your caption with all the vibrant boat trails. I love how you have used most of your frame to highlight these boats as leading lines into the city, which is also colorful and dynamic. This image has a wonderfully electrifying feel to it. Great work seeing this in your mind and [then] executing the shot!" — #YourShotPhotographer Stephanie Thomson


Floating in the Dead Sea ✨💚💚💚✨
Pictures by ✨✨@jackson.groves✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature 💚


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En 5 días se cumplen 50 años del alunizaje de la misión Apolo. Si aún te asombra la hazaña que llevó a la humanidad más allá, no dejes de ver el #EspecialEspacial de National Geographic 🚀📺⬇️ .
Martes, 9 PM MEX-COL.
Viernes, 9 PM PE / 10 PM ARG-CH


Cue the starshine and ✨ for filmmaker, photographer and self-described pop culture time traveler Maris Jones (@themarisjones). “I see my Instagram persona as a character — a time bandit who wants to experience it all.” Photo by @themarisjones


Photo by @DaisyGilardini | Weddell seals feed mainly on fish, squid, and other invertebrates like krill. They are extraordinary divers. They can reach 600 meters in depth and spend more than an hour underwater. Weddell seals are the most southerly breeding mammal in the world and can be found from to Sub-Antarctic Islands to the Ross Sea.
I simply love their cat-like faces and the beautiful patterns of their grey coats. These seals usually come on land or lay on ice to rest and digest, so it is not very easy to photograph them as they are very passive when outside the water. The occasional yawn, however, makes for great grimaces and funny portraits. Follow me, @daisygilardini, for more images and behind-the-scenes stories. #Antarctica #seal #weddellseal #conservation #climatechange


#ConcoursPhoto #ExploreStamp
Du 15 juillet au 2 août 2019,
Postez vos plus belles découvertes en photos et imaginez la nouvelle collection de timbres à imprimer !

Un lieu insolite découvert en voyage ou un paysage de votre région que vous aimeriez partager, cette année, nous vous invitons à l'exploration avec @NatGeo_France !
A l'issue du concours, @NatGeo_France et notre jury @superchinois801, @wonguy974, @loic.lagarde, @vutheara, @seb_gordon, @marc_nouss, @nathill, @nathalie_wanders et @Misscoolpics désigneront les 12 gagnants !

A la clé pour la photo coup de cœur : une croisière d'exploration @croisieres_ponant pour 2, de l’Écosse au Spitzberg ! Et pour les 11 autres photos gagnantes : un appareil photo Fujifilm X-A5 📷

Pour participer :
1)  Votre compte Instagram doit être public
2)  Suivez le compte @laposte
3)  Postez votre photo en mentionnant #ExploreStamp ☝ Quelques conseils :
- Utilisez un appareil doté d’une bonne résolution - Évitez les monuments ou sites classés
- Si des personnes sont reconnaissables, elles doivent être d’accord pour la participation

Toutes les infos sur le lien en bio sur le compte de @laposte 😉

Bonne chance !
#Concours #photo #exploration #voyage


Downtown vibes // been a bit of a moody summer around these parts so far 🎭


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