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Captain Save A Hoe was seen on the scene last night and back with her signature lightbulb look. It’s been reported that she was on her way to save more Hoes than usual as there is a new movement called “Hoe is Life” circulating the Universe where women actually are confident in their sexuality! In turn, more and more fuckboys are emerging everywhere telling women what to do with their bodies!!!! 😳 she was in a rush but The Gracious Captain stopped to take pictures with her fans. An inside source told us that the captain saved quite a few hoes that night from heartbreak, narcissistic sociopaths, toxic masculinity and egotistical mentally manipulative Assholes 🤷🏼‍♀️ Welp! All in a days work Captain! 😍❤️🤗


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Let’s think about this.... Imagine being raped by everyone’s father figure, by a man that everyone loves, a man that is perceived as being wholesome, that has a hit television show, power, money, a man that is capable of having consensual sex with women but chose to drug you and rape you only to have power and control over you. Not to mention there are plenty of rapist that have none of those things but they just choose to threaten your life if you say anything. Let’s not forget your family telling you to not say anything because it will jeopardize your job, your children and your livelihood. You will be famous for being “the girl that allegedly got raped by that famous guy” and who the fuck wants that kind of fame? But the real question is if you were in that situation who would you call? 911? Go to your local police department? Who would believe you? There are so many women that go through this every single day. This is why we need to stick together and know that we have a voice and we can make a change. #arsw18 #amberroseslutwalk


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This shit hit home huh? I’ve been there a million times 😒 I learned tho. We have intuition ladies. Use it. #foh #toxicrelationships #recovery #arsw18 #amberroseslutwalk