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I was made to understand there'd be no words...
Writer. Speaker. Jokester. Also, there will be snacks.

Hey @justforlaughs, no need to do an exhaustive search or whatever. Just take this showcase, send these folks to Montreal, and appoint me chaperone. Easy, clean, done.


Good morning! Make something cool this week...or, make a cool thing better. Get out there, I believe in you. Don’t forget your lunch. Love you, bye 👋🏾


Happy Earf Day.


Big words from a small human. Thanks to those who came, captured, and learned with me this morning at #bostonglowcon! You were a pleasure- get out there and flex that innie power 💪🏾


I laughed more yesterday, everyone! Got to discover some great new folx, got some bonus @faurenlaber and @kellymacfarland, and was able to confirm that @kenicemobley did, in fact, make it off her bus here (that was not a given). Great three event night- 8/10, would nap before attempting again.


So much to love about @emmawillmann and Friends for @womenincomedyfestival! Emma, of course! @kellymacfarland! @faurenlaber (who I discovered last year and y’all- she’s still great)!


“What does your schedule look like to meet in the morning?”


I once asked someone leaving a party for supplies to bring me back a Chapstick, so this is extremely my brand.




Speaking of cheering for friends doing cool you love this board at @purebarremanhasset? Because I do- yay @suecaulfield for this new way to share your art!!


When your @imposterspod cohost names a burger after many layers of why this is the BEST THING EVER. And yes this IS a spoiler for the next episode! Love you @mallorybower 🍔❤️


Feels especially true as I get ready to do a cool thing with some of my favorite people. Make cool stuff with your friends. Cheer them on when they make their own cool stuff. And let their awesome fuel your own. Thanks for the reminder @ckelso ❤️


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