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Here is me and my friend @aidybryant feeling our prettiest in no make up, wearing dumb hats. Our movie @ifeelpretty comes out today and I hope you will see it this weekend. I’ve been talking about confidence and body image for a long time now on this press tour and it brings up a lot of feelings for people and I get it It brings feeling up for me too. From talking to hundreds of people about this I learned so much. The biggest lesson i learned was that we need to do the work to learn how to love ourselves. It’s hard work for most people. Lots of undoing of things we’ve been told or feared since childhood. A lot of self forgiveness and releasing of the fear of being insulted, which usually never happens but you put your body through the stress of an insult that never comes. Just try loving yourself for 30 seconds today. Smiling at yourself in the mirror. Confidence is all mental and it’s time we were kind to ourselves. Just try it, if for no other reason than the other way isnt working. You tried being cruel and unforgiving to yourself. Try the opposite just as an experiment. Try for 30 seconds then a minute an hour all day then all year. Baby steps. I want this movie to empower women to empower themselves. Let’s stop worrying what we look like and start loving ourselves because we’ve got work to do. I made this movie for my 12 year old self and I made it for you. Much love.


@ifeelpretty hits theaters tomorrow‼️Get your tickets now! Link in bio ❤️


#tbt when I was in training for @ifeelpretty as you can tell at the end of the clip I didn’t always love being on camera


@oprah and @theellenshow reviews of @ifeelpretty are in. Everyone Please bring your friends and your fam and have a blast this weekend and enjoy this film. It’s for us. Please post about support it!


Going into the @ifeelpretty premiere like...


Custom made dress of my dreams by @brandonmaxwell Thank you @andrea_tiller @kimmykuppkakes @leesaevansstyle @brandonmaxwell the crew the director/writers of I feel pretty and everyone involved. Especially @mugsykane I made this movie for my 12 year old self. Please see @ifeelpretty opens Friday. Please support our movie and repost.


Thank you @buzzfeed for these really favorable circumstances #feelpretty opens Friday


Bye everyone else I’ve ever met. New phone who dis? @oprah is the only one in my new phone. #nonewfriendsexceptoprah


@ifeelpretty is in theaters in 4 DAYS!!! Get your tickets NOW. link in bio ❤️❤️




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