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Bitch this summer so far has been such a whirlwind! My 27th birthday is in September what should I do? I’m thinking of buying myself topokki, being showered in affection by everyone that has a crush on me and having my friends arrange an amazing surprise party 🙃


I’ve decided the prolific and unsayable motives of a party girl will forever be my core. Pray for me to ride the ropes of precarious queer futures and eventually marry my destabilisation!!!




Marry me Beth


When ur everything u possibly can be at any one time but somehow it’s still not enough ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓


Wishing I could go about my day in the nude because of this HEAT London do u feeeeelll meeeeee 💦 @livthurley @__emcole__ reposted from @lucy_up


⭐️ Public announcement: everything officially sucks ⭐️


@terri_capon @monaleannemakeup @ionegamble @polyesterzine today on Broadly by @sirin_kale 💖💖💖 thank u everyone, link in bio of @an0mie_photo


This was a real serene moment I had with myself, i look forward to more like this ☺️


Hi I’m here to close my eyes in all photos 💓 hair by @peachsodaa and @salmasir at @notanothersalon and earrings by @begoniapeterson 💖✨♥️✨💖✨♥️✨💖


BIG BIG thank you to @begoniapeterson for these amazing gorgeous perfect fabulous earrings 💖♥️💖


I’ve been working very hard on myself for years to get away from a place where I was constantly at the whim of advertising or social media when it came to body image. I’m good with being the amount of “outsider” that I am in a lot of the environments I am usually in, sometimes because of my body- even instagram! I like myself, even when I don’t perform to other people’s expectations, even when I don’t perform to my own expectations or “potential”. Treat yourself with respect bitch, don’t let anyone tell u who you are or what u should be doing!