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Poul Henningsen's home today via the blog: #minimal #architecture #interiors


Admiring Norm Architect's newest project. The complete home restoration of a historic villa in Copenhagen after a devastating fire.


I have a close friend who swears that there's what she calls "the 5-year curse". She believes that every 5 years everything electronic breaks down in her house... so she prepares a year in advance to start changing her appliances, computers and so forth.

I'm not superstitious but I admit to reading my horoscope now and then just for the lols. One of those times was at the beginning of this year — and let me just tell you, if my horoscope actually had an ounce of correlation to my life, it would have sounded less enthusiastic and more along the lines of: "Dear Sag, take out your imaginary umbrella and prepare for the s*itstorm of electronic breakage that's about to pour down on you this January." Yes, my friend was right. From my keyboard (which has broken 3 times in the past year), to my television all the way to my blender, everything seems to keep breaking in my home… Picture me googling, the causes and remedies for my misfortune which started with harmless google searches about electricity surges to just yesterday paying a little much attention to something called 'sliders'; high energy people. I know.

The thing is, I'm sitting here, posting this beautiful quote on an iPad (because my phone was also stolen just recently) and it feels highly wrong – but at the same time, freeing.

There's nothing better than being sure deep within that no matter how much everything seems to change or break, we are going to be OK. So TV-less, phone-less, fan-less, blender-less... I tell you, let's take adversity as an opportunity to become worry-less.

Live from my iPad, I wish you a love-filled day.

P.S. I'll get back to blogging next week and I hope to see you there. xx


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To a happy and healthy weekend 〰️


Tip: Whenever you feel anxiety creeping up on you, don't ignore it. Press your hands together for 5 to 10 seconds. This gives your body "proprioceptive input" and lets your body know where you are in space.
Option 2: join me on my beach walks.


Coveting: this shower... for obvious reasons.


Can you believe it’s already mid-January?


Here are some of my current faves:

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The sunning work of Smålands Skinnmanufaktur:ålandsSkinnmanufaktur 💭

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Happy Birthday to me! I wrote a special and very personal post today: ♡ ☞ thaliaho #birthday #personal #mindfulness


Swedish interior designer Louise Liljencrantz's home is to die for(!) and you need to see it:
Loving those high ceilings, creamy walls and pretty much *everything in her home.

#scandinavian #interiors #minimal