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#prompt Using five words, fill in the blank: I want my work to feel like _______________ . My answer: watching your memories from heaven. @dwellandramble @nikitagross @portraitsbyjaylee (and those reading) how about you? #freelensed


We’re live 🎉 Visit for details on the next #kithandkinmeetup. Photo Work Day is designed as a relaxed, low-pressure way to get some traction on our photos this year. I love gathering people around the physical photograph and @desotocentralmarket is the perfect place to eat, drink and get some work done.
How many photos did you take this year? Would you like to see them as prints? A photo book? Dated with a handwritten note like our mother and grandmother's were? I look forward to spending time together, trading stories, looking at photos of our babies when they were younger and not believing it, and honoring the thing that makes our photographs meaningful: friends and family — our kith and kin.

DeSoto Central Market

Oh my precious, oh my love, when they come to take me
I will hold you from above

@cloud_cult is healing me for the second time in my life and I look forward to writing about it when the time is right. Today I thought about measuring daily mothering success by this metric: warmth. Instead of by what was done, taught, cleaned, created — areas in which I consistently lose traction. But steady, daily warmth? Over oatmeal and during discipline and while reading Biscuit for the eighth time. During ridiculous fights and after they fall off chairs and cry at the same time. While playing hide and seek and cutting out crafts and changing diapers and lacing up shoes. This is a metric I can honestly evaluate at the end of the day. A warmth that is capable of planting a seed of internal strength to hold them for the rest of their lives.

Glendale, Arizona

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.
—Mary Oliver

Phoenix, Arizona

As I move through my creative journey I find myself unconsciously creating a syllabus as I go. Forever asking why. Why are some images so powerful to me? The technical pieces: light, composition, film. But it’s the nerve center I’m seeking. Not unto self-knowledge only but unto a meaningful body of work. This is the college professor in me who never got to see the light of day, so she watches me over bifocals and diligently scribbles notes. My aim is to one day offer a workshop where I actually put to use my totally socially unacceptable desire to interview people about their motivations. Tonight’s prompt is another fill in the blank. In photographs I am excited by __________ and __________. Everything else bores me to death. Mine: intimacy and wonder, intimacy and wonder forever and ever and ever. You?

Phoenix, Arizona

Fill in the blank:
I _______________, and my art is the evidence of that.
I borrow from Rumi to answer the question. What about you? Full post on the blog ✨ #dadsphotobox


“Sunday night. Sleep beckons and yet in the dark... a call to the page one last time. A final dump before the sleepy hormones agree to be released. So. What do you have to say for yourself, thoughts?”
On the blog tonight, reflections on this quote: "I love being alive. The art is the evidence of that.” Along with my (second) favorite Rumi poem, some scenes from #dadsphotobox and why Little Drummer Boy makes Matt and I cry. Link in profile. #polaroid

Jewel of the Creek

Although refusal of all fuss is my Dad’s signature trait, by some alchemy of his background he is easy to photograph. He waves away conversation, direct questions, attempts to make him comfortable or extract his opinions. But ask to take his picture and he is uncharacteristically cooperative. Inspired by @mattdayphoto’s video “Photograph The People You Love,” Im sitting down tonight with tea and a notebook making a film and shot list in preparation for his upcoming visit. Any recommendations? #dadsphotobox


“Are depression and creativity necessarily connected? I'm not sure. What matters to me is the acknowledgement that the process beats my psyche like the ballerina's feet. At the end of the day, addiction is maladaptive. It is inconsistent with practical life, obligations, conventional behavior, linear thought. If I become a healthier person will I still create? Yes. But the process cuts, I bleed, and it leaves a scar. I strive for health, but the work itself is like the mortician's: it touches death and it affects me.” Tonight on the blog: talking creativity, motherhood and Jay-Z’s perfect lyric for the creative life. for the full essay.

Phoenix, Arizona

May all the baby-wearing, backyard-gardening, bunny-having, art-making mamas of the universe find me and schedule a photo shoot, amen. #polaroid #believeinfilm

Phoenix, Arizona