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The personal account of Kathleen Shannon 👋🏻 @BeingBossClub co-host // @BraidCreative co-founder // 🦊🔮❤️💪✨😍


When I’m working I’m all in. Like 💯🤨💻🎧 go go go. But that’s only really sustainable, for me, for about 60-90 minutes at a time... and then my batteries need to be recharged with a walk, yoga, or a workout. 🌿 Lately I’ve been feeling almost guilty about this - but then last night I was reading about how the Ancient Greeks didn’t separate the effort of their minds from their bodies. That’s why you see sculptures of buff ass men pondering the philosophy of life. 🤔💪 #mindbodyconnection #greenstrength


We laughed real hard. #thankyoumoreplease


Cheers! In Chicago for more #beingbossbook tour - doing a podcast Q&A recording at Printers Row Lit Fest tomorrow. #prlf18


I have peonies growing in my front yard, and the fact that I appreciate them so much makes me feel like a grown ass woman. 🌸


In the mornings I make a list of three or four things that should they happen will make my day feel successful. Things like a long walk; 15 minutes in the sauna; a podcast that inspires or makes me laugh; yoga; a conversation about creativity... sometimes the bullet points are wildly ambitious like closing a deal or being offered an unexpected opportunity to travel the world. The funny thing is: 9 times out of 10, big or small, most of my “today will be a good day bullets” are achieved (and if not that exact day usually within a few days they happen). ✖️ With that, lately, most days are pretty great days. 👍🏻


“Are you going home or traveling?” ✈️ YES is my answer to that question when I’m going to OKC. Redefining home for the past 5 months has stretched me in new ways.


💡 S I D E S H O W 💡


Oh, hi! 👋


Hey, Chicago! The #beingbossbook tour is making a stop in your city! On Sunday, June 10 Emily and I will be doing a live @beingbossclub podcast recording + book signing at the @printersrowfest - RSVP (it’s $2) at the link in my bio. #beingboss #beingbosspodcast #prlf18


Cheers! 🥂


👋 I’ve been getting lots of texts asking about details for our annual @beingbossclub vacation in NOLA. So here are some important things to know: we only have space for 75 attendees and still have some tickets left! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ The dates are 📆 Sept 26-28 (you definitely want to attend the Friday night party) 🎉. And finally nothing beats NOLA magic 🔮 and hanging with other bosses who work and play hard. We’ve seen business besties, collaborations, and masterminds blossom from our attendees. 🤗 Okay, so go get your ticket and I’ll see you there for hugs and high fives IRL! #beingbossnola


Hi! So I secretly took a 3 day break from Instagram. Like deleted it off my phone. And then realized how much time and energy and mental bandwidth I spent engaging here... I don’t think the internet or social media is bad or wrong but my usage has become compulsive. I really like you all but I need a break. If you have my phone number feel free to text, call, or FaceTime. This isn’t goodbye forever (I don’t think) but for now I’m enjoying how much space I have now for my work, my family, and doing stuff like spring cleaning and putting together @almanacsupplyco crystal grids with my kiddo. I’ll see you soon!


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