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It's's perfectly warm...and my EDGES are actin' right! #todaywasagoodday #creativelifehappylife #dmv


Fresh Face Friday. #springcut #aunaturale #sansmakeupselfie


The next four months should be pleasant. Nothing like no elevator access at the train station you use everyday to make things "exciting." #girlinterrupted #happytuesday #wheelchairlife


Spent some QT with my two favorite people (and @josiejoseyjose and my sister are pretty great, too 😂)!


Often we don't realize how much we miss our "people"until we reunite. Love these fabulous ladies! @kerigray90 @maria_town @carlyfahey #sisterfriends


When we slay, we SLAYYYYY!!! Ready to get our throwback on. #greatxscapetour #sisters #mybff


Today was Kimmie Jones Day (aka Kimmie's 35th birthday). I was reminded to keep up our black and white card tradition (we always made sure that our cards to one another were equal parts black and white)... and, of course, the monkeys made it even better! Here's to you, @kimmiejonesin...headed to bed listening to our MJ theme song! #doesntmatterifyoureblackorwhite


Ok, Fall...NOW I'm officially ready for you, thanks to @slainbyshain! #fallhaircolor #fallhair #dmvhair #creativelifehappylife


I love unicorns (actually, I am one!), and of course, I LOVE Starbucks...I can't say I love the combination of the two, except when it comes to a costume! I originally wasn't gonna "do Halloween" this year, but felt the presence of @kimmiejonesin telling me I better not skip out on her favorite moment of the year. Shout outs to my dear friends that helped me pull together this last minute costume (complete with clouds). Continuing to do you proud, Kimmie! #unicorn #unicornfrappuccino #unicornfab #halloween #halloween2017


Last night I had the incredible opportunity to represent the millions of Americans who are fighting to #SaveMedicaid on CNN at a Town Hall debate. Moments like these continue to be surreal, to say the least... not because I'm covered in the media, but because there is still a need for us to fight for what is right. As my brothers and sisters of @nationalADAPT continue to speak up and fight for us all, I'm grateful for opportunities to play a part.
My question for Senator Cassidy, one half of the proposed Graham/Cassidy bill, was as follows: "Senator Cassidy, if Medicaid funding gets shifted to the states and they cap and cut Medicaid, optional services like home and community based assistance – which currently allow me to live and thrive independently – will be first on the chopping block. How will you ensure that disabled Americans and seniors get the life essential care they need, especially when many states already have long wait lists and an increased need as Baby Boomers age?" I honestly wish he wouldn't have stuttered/ hesitated. I wish he wouldn't have referred to our inclusion "on page 100" of the bill. I wish he would've had a logical answer, but, no... Clearly, there's no concern for us... and so, we fight! #protectourcare #SaveMedicaid #ourightsarehumanrights


Alright, Fall... bring it on, if you must! #fallfashion #fallready #wheelchairfashion #dmvliving #sundayfunday


My lil' "Ninj Turtle" got hitched today! So proud and honored to share in the celebration. Welcome to the family @sjhilde!!! #herestothehiers #loveandmarriage #familyovereverything #jacksonville


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