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merry maker. picture taker.

despite the current forecast, my fingers are crossed this is the last we see of the white stuff for a while. i mean, the fluffy flakes are pretty and all, but i could definitely go for a bit of fall first 🍃🍁🍂


merry maker. picture taker.

sometimes when it snows in september and you're cooped up inside for most of the weekend, things get a little weird. #threelittlehankis


merry maker. picture taker.

one last "summer" saturday at the market 🍎❄️


merry maker. picture taker.

that escalated quickly.


merry maker. picture taker.

current mood: wishing our morning included a little more hot chocolate in the morning mountain sunshine and a little less doing hair for school picture day and then walking to school in the rain (that may turn to snow) 🙃


merry maker. picture taker.

i was going to tidy up before taking photos but that kind of felt dishonest.

with the big kids in school every day and oscar in preschool and childcare only part time, i've been enjoying having the little dude to myself a couple days a week -- so far baking has been far higher on our priority list than cleaning.


merry maker. picture taker.

a little update after thursday's post about being ready to tackle all of the things.

the good: photographed a sweet newborn and put a solid dent in editing a few of the sessions in my queue. started working on some pretty awesome prototypes for our fall @madesocialco event.

the less good: got stung on the toe by a wasp and had to cancel two days of workouts due to a crazy swollen foot. drowned my staying home from the gym sorrows in chicago mix popcorn and prosecco with peach slush.

you win some, you lose some. 🙃
this photo is unrelated to all of that but i am so grateful for it. with her tenth(!) birthday coming up this fall i don't know how much longer she'll be asking me to brush her hair ❤️


merry maker. picture taker.

date night on the north saskatchewan 💖 #wearethehankis


merry maker. picture taker.

there's something about back to school and the changing of the seasons that feels like the perfect time for a fresh start, and as much as i dreaded the end of our carefree summer (it was 100% the best one i've had with my kids), after getting the first couple days out of the way here, i'm officially feeling ready to tackle all the things. time to get back into the groove of actually working, working out, getting organized and eating well.

also contemplating a haircut, and perhaps some room refreshes around these parts.

anyone else feeling inspired to make some changes? what's on your list for the fall?


merry maker. picture taker.

from preschool to fifth grade in the blink of an eye. my goodness i adore this girl 💛


merry maker. picture taker.

preschool year two for the tiniest hanki 👊

i can't decide what grew the most in his photos, his height, his dimples or his 's'... and again, even when there are only two to scroll through, these collages bring me unreasonable amounts of joy.


merry maker. picture taker.

this little dude was the most excited of all three to get out the door to school this morning. that's saying a lot. ready or not, grade one here he comes!

also, this is the only photo tradition i've ever stuck with and it makes me wish i had more because watching them transform this way is my favourite 💛