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I’m happy to spend time with you my friend @mohamedhadid ! You’re a great friend and an upcoming good actor! 🙂 Looking forward to meet you again!


Many thanks to T Magazine @terronimagazine for this nice cover and article about my life. I'm happy to be Italian Candian and to live in Toronto!

Toronto, Ontario

It was a pleasure to meet such a professional and nice actress Nelly Karin @nellykarim_official who is also a top star in all the Middle East. I'm sure that we'll see her in one of our movies in Hollywood very soon! #nellykarim #andreaiervolino #elgounafilmfestival


I'm honored for having the opportunity to produce this amazing project BEYOND THE SUN produced by AMBI Media Group @ambigroup of Andrea Iervolino @andreaiervolinoproducer and Monika Bacardi @ladymonikabacardi , with the very special cameo appearance of Pope Francis. The film is directed by Graciela Rodriguez, co directed by Charlie Mainardi and co produced by Gabriel Laybu.
I'd like to thank you Vatican City for hosting the screening of the movie and thanks to all my friends that attended this special and unique event. Thanks to Raven and Parodox for being part of this project. See you at Rome film festival - Alice nella città section for the world premiere! @alicenellacitta
The profit of this movie will be donated to charity for kids . Please spread the word and support it!

Vaticano, Roma

Thank you The Cinema Love @thecinemalove for this nice graphic design on my shot! 😊


Amazing night at the Ancient Rome set of Cinecittà for the big charity event Celebrity Fight Night @celebfightnight sponsored by AMBI Media Group @ambigroup for supporting Andrea Bocelli Foundation @andreabocellifoundation and Muhammed Ali Parkinson Center. In that occasion we were glad to introduce our upcoming film THE MUSIC OF SILENCE based on the real story of the great Italian tenor. The film is directed by Michael Radford, starring Antonio Banderas @antoniobanderasoficial , Toby Sebastian, Jordi Mollà, Luisa Ranieri and Ennio Fantastichini.

Cinecittà Studios S.p.A.

I'm really proud for the great success of the biopic based on the real life of the great Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli @andreabocelliofficial THE MUSIC OF SILENCE at Deauville Film Festival! The film is produced by Andrea Iervolino @andreaiervolinoproducer and Monika Bacardi @ladymonikabacardi of AMBI Media Group @ambigroup with Picomedia. It's directed by Michael Radford, starring Toby Sebastian @tobysebastian1 , Antonio Banderas @antoniobanderasoficial , Jordi Mollà, Luisa Ranieri and Ennio Fantastichini. #themusicofsilence #ambigroup #deauvillefilmfestival

Festival Du Film Americain De Deauville

Great time spent with my friend Mohamed @mohamedhadid in Los Angeles! Really nice day!

Los Angeles, California

Great time spent with a talented and great woman @heidiklum Thank you for being part of our movie Arctic Justice !

Los Angeles, California

Happy to announce our newest film project TRADING PAINT starring John Travolta, Shania Twain @shaniatwain , Toby Sebastian @tobysebastian1 and Michael Madsen. Film is produced by Andrea Iervolino @andreaiervolinoproducer and Monika Bacardi @ladymonikabacardi of Ambi Group @ambigroup with Paradox Studios. #tradingpaint #ambigroup #johntravolta #shaniatwain #tobysebastian


Ischia Global Film Fest :
Lily Collins @lilyjcollins awarded as "Best Rising Star" for her amazing role in our film "TO THE BONE" Produced by Andrea Iervolino @andreaiervolinoproducer and Lady Monika Bacardi @ladymonikabacardi of AMBI Media Group @ambigroup and Sparkhouse.
Lily is not only a great actress but also a very nice woman! #lilycollins #ischia #ambimediagroup #ambigala #award #risingstar #tothebone


Ischia Global Film Fest @ischiaglobalfest 2017:
Antonio Banderas @antoniobanderasoficial awarded as "Best actor of the year" for his great role in the film "BLACK BUTTERFLY" produced by Andrea Iervolino @andreaiervolinoproducer and Monika Bacardi @ladymonikabacardi of Ambi Media Group @ambigroup and Paradox studio.
Antonio really deserved it for his talent as an actor and he's also a great man! #antoniobanderas #ischia #blackbutterfly #bestactor #ambigroup


Great lunch with the President of the Italian Republic Mr Sergio Mattarella @sergio_mattarella_presidente. We spoke about the future of Italy-Canada relations through different points of view as culture, lifestyle, global network, innovation and industry. From left to right: the State Minister for Foreign Affairs Benedetto Della Vedova, @andreaiervolinoproducer , Michele Mosca, Barbara Cifra, The President Sergio Mattarella, Italian Ambassador Claudio Taffuri, Domenico Lombardi, the Console Giuseppe Pastorelli and Mr John Ruffolo. #sergiomattarella #toronto #lunchtime #italiancanadians

Toronto, Ontario

Thank you all of my collaborator for this amazing job! You are great 👍


My days in Cannes...working hard and enjoying my time with special friends...70^ @festivaldecannes #cannesfilmfestival #ilovemyjob


Mr. Prime Minister J. Trudeau! You have made and continue to make such a significant difference in the world.
I am so proud to be Italian-Canadian and I thank you for your support of the Italian-Canadian community in Canada and our fellow Italians in Italy! #primeminister #justintrudeau #italian #canadian

Toronto, Ontario

I'm proud to announce our upcoming film project LAMBORGHINI based on the book by his son Tonino @toninolamborghinigroup about the life of Ferruccio Lamborghini. The film is produced by me @andreaiervolinoproducer and my business partner Monika Bacardi @ladymonikabacardi and it will be directed by Academy Award Nominee Michael Radford, starring Antonio Banderas @antoniobanderasoficial in the role of Lamborghini @lamborghini with Alec Baldwin co-starring as rival Enzo Ferrari.
#lamborghini #themovie #ambigroup #antoniobanderas #alecbaldwin #michaelradford


I have been working on a movie set since I was 15 years old as a movie producer. It's always very emotional as if it is my first time over and over again....#ilovemyjob #dreamscometrue #work #set #filmproduction

Rome, Italy

On set of AMBI Media Group @ambigroup BENT with my business partner Monika Bacardi @ladymonikabacardi #set #bent #rome

Rome, Italy

AMBI GALA 2017 - Honoring AMBI's movie BENT, the director Bobby Moresco and the great actors Sofia Vergara @sofiavergara and Karl Urban @karlurban #ambigala #rome #bent #sofiavergara #karlurban #bobbymoresco

Boscolo Exedra Roma, Autograph Collection

AMBI GALA 2017 - Honoring AMBI's movie BENT and the main actor Andy Garcia.
#ambigala #rome #bent #andygarcia

Ristorante Camponeschi

1990-2017...27 years later...something looks similar...☺️ #andreaiervolino #kid #samestyle


During a meeting, someone asked me : "why do you trust me ?" I replied "I trust in people because I know people can trust in me..." #quoteoftheday #trust #trustinme

Toronto, Ontario

Thank you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau @justinpjtrudeau and the Lazio Federation of Ontario for this special award, for distinguishing myself in both the Italian-Canadian Community and Canadian society at large #justintrudeau #primeminister

Toronto, Ontario

I'm a big supporter of women! They are the most extraordinary gift God has given the world! (A.I. March 8th 2017) #women #womanpower #gift #yourdayiseveryday

Los Angeles, California

The actress Maria Bello @officialmariabello awarded by me @andreaiervolinoproducer and my business partner Monika Bacardi @ladymonikabacardi for her performance in the movie IN SEARCH OF FELLINI at Los Angeles Italia Film, Fashion and Arts. #mariabello #award #insearchoffellini #andreaiervolino #monikabacardi #losangeles

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