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Some good all days from cerro #apidame in #jeinimeninationalreserve ....

Chile Chico, Chile

#torresdelpaine massif, classic view of the most icónic alpine climbing place in chilean #patagonia a climbers dream

Torres del Paine

Lycalopex culpaeus, Zorro Culpeo, an incredible animal from #patagonia so beautifull and so friendly meanwhile you dont get near his hunt, their wildside comes out, and you better watch out

Pali-Aike National Park

Pali Aike National Park, one of the less visited protected areas in #magallanes , its a oanikenk old land before extermination .... full of old volcanic calderas from #patagonia before #tierradelfuego ... where sky and earth touches each a mistical way... #sinoserompeseraja #fromdusktilldawn

Pali-Aike National Park

Monte FitzRoy, Aguja Poicenot y Cerro Torre , uno de los mejores lugares de escalada alpina de la #patagonia #argentina y el #mundo, sueño de miles de escaladores y lugar de hazañas epicas. Vista desde la #ruta40 y acceso al #chalten

El Chaltén

One of the last, but many hidden spots in #patagonia , where the local culture is still flourishing, parallel to industrial modern world. Hope we could freeze patagonia in this right moment for everybody to see, experience & love.

Aysen, Chile

Monte San Valentin, highest peak in #patagonia 3910 msnm/12828 ft. Over the north ice cap, the second largest ice mass after the poles. Picture taken from lago Chelenko aka General Carrera, second largest lake in southamerica .

Aysen, Chile

After 20 years working as a guide in this #volcano, i still get the feel as the first climb, sunrise at end of summer. Thanks to all my #brothersinarms

Pucón, Chile

Ahora mismo en el #rucapillan .Aunque nuestros volcanes tienen muy poca nieve, ya estamos pensando en este invierno #avalanchaenelvolcan #patagoniaavalanchaenelvolcan @avalanchaenelvolcan @patagoniachile @patagonia_pucon @patagoniahuts @mawidadventures

Volcan Villarrica