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If you zoom in they’re making the same face.


Find Momo at Grand Place.
This fella put on a good show while I was taking a photo of the dog hiding, asked him to do a couple of flips for the camera and he was eager to help. Thanks, Jeremie!


Paris is strange, there’s barely a park that allows dogs, but it’s no problem having your little yard cow in a café...
Compared to Canada and the US, Europe is so incredibly dog friendly. Notably (out of the countries I’ve visited so far), Croatia, England, Scotland, Slovenia, ranked the highest for me. But even Portugal and Ireland, countries that have only recently made strides toward dog friendliness (like letting shop owners decide wether dogs can come inside), beat home hands down. It’s gonna be hard to go back.
The idea that a dog is not allowed on even most patios back home is a cruel joke. If you know of organizations or businesses or folks who are working to making the world a friendlier place for our friends who happen to be dogs, on your travels or in your hometown, please comment!


A little sad to be leaving the UK. Happy to have a backpack full of memories now with this guy, with my dad, with a lot of new friends.
Off to Paris for a meet up tomorrow, and to launch the French edition of my kids book! I’ll leave some details in my story.


Gonna miss this cabin. Definitely have a revived will to build a cabin in BC. Just gotta find that land. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Off to Paris now! We’re having a meet-up there on Saturday with @lareguliere. Come by if you want to hear what my Canadian French sounds like.


Most places claim to have the best sunsets. Funny thing is, they’re all right.


On a good year I surf maybe once. It’s humbling, I’m mostly a head holding a board dodging waves. This time I paddled out a few times and sat winded on the shore, utterly gutted.
Sam took a break from conquering waves, “we’ll get you going.”
When you’re failing hard, don’t deny that minutes later you might be overcoming it. A little encouragement, some tips, but mostly a will that you needed someone to show you.
Sometimes you simply have to paddle back out.


Chill is the new hustle.


I was taking a picture of my friend Anna and Momo sat exactly between us so Anna put a buttercup on his head. I’ve been trying to capture people more these days, which is difficult when this cute pup keeps stealing my heart. 🌼


Find Momo somewhere in London.


It was great to have this discussion about investing in our planet with @acciona & with all of you. These conversations help steer us in the right direction. #InvestInThePlanet @liamhemsworth @karlasouza @la_leovarela @tvamaro @marcgasol


Rhododendrons at one or the enormous, lush parks in London.


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