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Megan’s story immediately caught my attention. She rescued Hazard from the @dumbfriendsleague, and needed him more than she knew. Megan has survived 24 surgeries and she believes Hazard has an ability to sense when she’s having heart problems. You can read more about their incredible bond at

One of my first questions about this was if dogs actually had the ability to physically help us. Luckily, @gohealthypaws, (the folks who made this project possible) is doing a lot of research on this sort of thing and it’s dang interesting. Follow Healthy Paws to find out more about what they’re uncovering so far.

More stories of #catalystdogs coming soon, share your own story about how your dog has impacted your life using that hashtag.


A dog, limestone, and sea foam.
The moon tonight. 🌙
A good buddy named Zach.

Split, Croatia

Find Momo off a hiking trail.

Mosor, Split

I’m in my 30s and I live on the road. I don’t have too much to call my own aside from this dog I love, some stories, and some mistakes. I have to remind myself daily that this is enough. My dream is really to have a little piece of land big enough for a small house and a big garden, and hopefully a family to share it with. It’s funny, watching my friends raise their kids, I’m definitely envious and watch in awe, but know I’ll be there when I’m ready.

Split, Croatia

Got a short break from driving when my buddy Zach took the wheel for a few. It’s nice to be a passenger sometimes. That’s totally a metaphor.

Split, Croatia

Momo used to be scared of ferries. After a few, he didn’t mind as much. Now, it doesn’t phase him much at all. We’re all capable of adapting. It’s pretty neat.

Split, Croatia

Little nocturnal creature showed up at my door.

Vodice, Croatia

In a stranger’s car, hitching a ride back to the van which ran out of gas at 1/8 tank. Got a ride to the station with a guy named Dario and got a ride back with another guy named Dario. Thankful for kind Croatians. Thankful for this face. Thankful for Darios.

Split-Dalmatia County

I didn’t take a lot of photos driving through Montenegro and Bosnia, it was rainy and I wanted to get to Croatia before dark. They were definitely some of the most foreign territories I’ve seen.
I also had to bribe the border officers twice because they told me my vehicle registration wasn’t properly done, but I question if maybe they just knew they could play on my fears. I laughed it off, they played with Momo and one of these men pointed at him and affirmatively stated “cute”. And they’re right. He’s cute. He’s even getting much better at his ”go look at that view” pose.


What motivates you? The tiniest idea can have you leap out of your comfort zone and into a whole new world. Sometimes the trick is simply to not overthink it.

I remember when I decided to come to Europe. It was exactly the same as the moment I decided to drive to Mexico last year, and many trips before. I define the moment by the decision to start saying “I’m going to Europe” instead of “I’d like to go to Europe.” With that decisive moment, conversations of the place you “are” going to arise, plans start to form, paperwork gets kicked off, and the trip becomes real.

Vlorë, Albania

Albani-yeah, you’re pretty.


Find Momo in Athens.
Shot from Areopagus (Mars Hill) which served as the court where Ares was tried by the gods for the murder of Poseidon's son.