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Skier, hiker, Environmental Engineer. 🌳🏞️🏔️🗻🏕️🌄⛷️🏃

Took a quick pitstop on the way home the other day. One of my favorite places to swim. Looks a little too high and cold still, but soon she'll be prime!


Talk about a degree well earned. You remained perpetually driven by your passion for solving technical problems with a unique mathematical approach. You were able achieve so much in your time @clarksonuniv and CRREL. I am so proud of the mathematician and engineer you have become and so optimistic of the one into which you will develop. You are going to continue to do amazing work at @uofwa Before then though, I am looking forward to a summer full of adventures. If anyone wants to find us, we'll be somewhere in the mountains with the 🌳&🐻 I love you @cassiewells_


Adirondack beach day!


Days like today make me long for days in the woods.


Today is this girl's last day of classes and to honor that, let's flashback to when we were still new to Clarkson. I'm so thankful you became such an integral part of @cu_outingclub We have gone on so many trips it's easy to forget some of the older ones. Times were simple and the friends were new. Just like we were this morning waiting for the sun to rise: relax, be patient, and soak it all in today ❤️


Perfect weather for some shots! #bardown


🅱🔙🔜 .
@kayla_adventures_ charging up an Adirondack classic a while back. Excited for more of this once the ice and snow melt! Just a few more ski days left till mud season. Can you name this trail?


If only I could have wandered off as far as my mind did today at work. Thinking about all the miles, all the campsites, all the new friends, and more. A few more weeks (maybe) of skiing before it's time to hit the trails in search of solitude!


I'm not quite ready for winter to be winding down yet. Could use some more of this.


Still glowing after such an enjoyable day. Just feels right to be back in the ADK backcountry! Conditions are 👌🏼. Better get after it before the thaw!


Happy National Puppy Day Charlie!


A week later and the woods are still packed with hidden pow stashes. The backcountry is riding great right now! 📷: @live_rad_


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