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Okay. Hi! Yes, I see you. 😆. Missing those beautiful Oceanic Whitetips. Always have an exact idea where each and every shark is when you’re in the water with multiples. This is a pretty common sight if you were to loose track of an Oceanic at your back. Such a curious and fun shark to interact with! // @sea_legacy @moorecharitable @globalfinprint @ceibahamas

San Salvador and Rum Cay, The Bahamas

Cold days here in Colorado this week. It’s been nice to feel winter’s breath and a good reminder to take some time to bundle up (or hunker down) with the ones you love. Or go make some new these two! I couldn’t help but laugh at this frost nipped elk and magpie trying to figure it out. 😆 @sea_legacy

Rocky Mountain National Park

Last spring I was photographing @kai_lenny from the air as he broke the Hawaiian island crossing records on his kiteboard. He literally had just ripped through here and it was the only reason my camera was pointed down in this direction. Seeing the power of a #humpback #whale from above is a moment I’ll never forget. Kai carving out of the way of this giant would have been a hell of a photo. 😝@roam @sea_legacy

Wai'alua, Moloka'i

My valentines right here. But they are way more than that. They are every reason why I continue to pursue my dreams and passions. They close my loops and are at the end of each road home. My finest work yet. @orienstar #josiejune ❤️

Niwot Colorado

Once you arrive to a new area and pour over the charts it’s easy to identify the sea mounts. Especially one that goes from 5000 feet to 250 feet. These types of locations can be ambitious dive spots with big swells, ripping current, high winds and a huge unknowns. But we know pelagic species love these types of zones so the only way to know what is here is to jump in and be patient. Here my good friend and shark advocate @seabacon gets a beautiful view of a large Oceanic Whitetip in the deep blue. After spending years at Cat Island together it was a special moment to be visited by an Oceanic in a new location. I love the sharks body position in this image. It really conveys her grace and power. @sea_legacy @moorecharitable // @sonyalpha #alphacollective #A9 12-24mm

San Salvador and Rum Cay, The Bahamas

First light burns the evening frost off the back of this young bull elk in #rockymountainnationalpark. Another cold morning crawling through the wet tall grass with @ladzinski, avoiding emails. @3stringsproductions

Rocky Mountain National Park

Patience pays off during a lazy day in Greenland. This #arcticfox would visit my tent each morning, steal my drying socks and chew on my tent guylines. I finally waited, camera ready, and caught the little guy in the act! Give me back my socks!!! @mikelibecki @ethan_pringle @ladzinski @connor_seybert


I love both worlds equally but I prefer my time beneath the blue line. Heading down on an exploratory mission to Bahamas next week to learn as much as I can from these beautiful fish. @sea_legacy @moorecharitable @globalfinprint

The Bahamas

Been a helluva 2 weeks up here on Lake Superior shooting ice climbing. I may not have my official #yooper badge yet but I feel part of a special family of new friends I met along the way. Thanks for the fun! See ya 2/17 for the film premiere at the Michigan Ice Fest! // Photo of @sashadigiulian taking her first lead over the lake with @angela_vanwiemeersch supporting from below. // @redbull @3stringsproductions @ladzinski // Big thanks to all the help and talent who supported us on this shoot @tjtriage @lukehouse @croak_o @connor_seybert @scottcrady @coltenintheoutdoors @jackson_marvell @climbs2high @jenner_richard

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Views like this never get old. Every breath I take in the Arctic, i take in deeper and hold for just a second longer than usual, just to feel the slight sting and acknowledge how lucky I am. I'll be heading to #svalbard with my good friend @ladzinski where we will be leading a trip with @naturalworldsafaris photographing #polarbears and beautiful landscapes like this. If you're interested in joining us please visit @naturalworldsafaris for more info #naturalworldsafaris #rightplacerighttime


As the crow flies, the quickest way to another planet is through #yellowstone. I visited for the first time last year and have been scheming my way back ever sense. @natgeocreative @sonyalpha #alphacollective

Yellowstone National Park

A beautiful Tiger Shark gets a little cheeky in the shallows. Looking forward to shedding these winter layers and joining my friends @moorecharitable @floridainternationalcollege @globalfinprint @ceibahamas down in the Bahamas for more shark surveys. Their dedication to protecting these beautiful animals is tireless. @sea_legacy

The Bahamas