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Once a year the original twelve parties on the Antarctica Treaty meet to discuss matters of common interest pertaining to the great continent. This forum is called the “Antarctic Treaty Consultive Meeting” Or “ATCM” and is being held this week in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today I fly there on behalf of @sea_legacy & @antarcticsouthernocean to present our newest film about the Antarctic Peninsula and speak briefly about the importance of creating a marine protected area around its most vulnerable areas. I’m both honored and humbled by the trust and opportunity given to me by our @sea_legacy leaders @cristinamittermeier & @paulnicklen and to speak on behalf of every member of the tide, every institution who has a stake in protecting this kingdom and every single child on this planet who one day dreams of living in harmony with a wild and healthy planet. 🙏🏼 // Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this short film and put the pieces in place for us @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @shanemoorefilms @ladzinski @pattersonimages @ianvaso @rodolfowerner @max_bello @pewenvironment @lilienfrederic @ignacioferrando360 @jennygnichols @craigwelch @natgeo


Bidding farewell to the Caribbean for the season. Four great trips and over fifty hours in the water with the sharks. Lots accomplished but so much more to learn and strive for. Big thanks to everyone who helped make these trips possible. The bag shuffle begins now. 🤙🏼 @eaglecreek @sea_legacy 📷: @seabacon


Moments like these pull me back into the ocean with a magnetic force. They are unforgettable no matter how much time you spend in the water. So I’m zipping up the @eaglecreek trunks again with damp wetsuits, salty masks and sandy camera gear for another trip back to Bahamas tomorrow. I can’t get enough. Good thing I never really unpacked. 👌🏼 Here @seabacon finds quality time in the blue with an Oceanic Whitetip Shark. 🦈


We’re basically all just kicking aimlessly around in circles. I find the journey a little better with a few friends by my side. This Red Jelly isn’t so kind to his compadres as I noticed a few bones dropping every now and again. Treat your friends better than that, okay? 🤕. If it sounds like I’m making a stupid caption up as I go, it’s because I am. Sometimes I let my thumbs do the talking. 👍🏼. #jellyfish #friends #death #thumbs #sorrynotsorry #dontletmeruintheimage


Devil Rays shade the sun on an unforgettable dive in Azores. The art of flight has everything to do with ones perspective. @sea_legacy @waittfoundation


Touching base with patience and discipline through learning the art of a exposing single 7x17 film slide. Size doesn’t always matter, but on this day the sunset was underwhelmed by my setup. Always love learning about these cameras from @scottygimages. He taught me how to take 1 photo in an hour and I taught him how to take 20 in a second. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @fotopro @sonyalpha #A9 #Alphacollective // Thanks for the candid moment @ladzinski! @zodiacwatches @sea_legacy


Back to my favorite place. Cat Island, Bahamas to photograph the great and mighty Oceanic Whitetip. The one for which grace and beauty were both born to water. Excited to share this experience with someone who opened many addictive jars to life for which I drink from. Let’s do this @ladzinski 🤙🏼. Fun shoot ahead with @zodiacwatches @seabacon @exploredbygeorge @audreycho


Brought into port by a blazing sky and man-o-war birds, aka: frigates. True pirates of the sky. An amazing journey from Galápagos Islands to Papagayo, Costa Rica complete. Thanks to @waittfoundation, @planb_yacht crew and the many NGOs supporting this expedition. Back to Colorado a bit salty. 🙏🏼 @sea_legacy


I remember thinking our little inflatable zodiac was probably close enough. @coryrichards agreed and @paulroseexplorer couldn’t get the outboard motor to start back up. 🤦🏻‍♂️ She gave us a few good pops before we could get out of there. Mamas will be mamas. Shot #onassignment for @natgeo @natgeopristineseas in 2013. // Franz Josef Land, Russia. @enricsala @manusanfelix_official @neilgelinas @davidquammen


▶️🔊🦈: It’s places like this that give me unwavering hope for the future of our oceans if we just let them recover naturally. During an early morning dive at Darwin Arch, Galapagos, I just sat on a rock and watched in awe as giant schools of Hammerheads and other large pelagic fish engulfed us. We were the only people on Earth at this special and historic archipelago that day. Which made it even that much more special. This place is so rich that the the trophic pyramid (🔺) is INVERTED (🔻) Meaning, the apex predators represent more biomass than the smaller fishes. This is something you find in places with little to no human impact. @waittfoundation @sea_legacy @natgeopristineseas @thejoelepore @marta.c.agusti @fridalaral // @sonyalpha #A9 #alphacollective


Happy #Everglades Day! Time to give the ol big “river of grass” some love. The absolute beauty of this ecosystem often escapes the human eye as most see it from the parking areas. Some of the most adventurous and mysterious days of my life have been exploring this magical ecosystem. I took this image on such a day near Big Cypress Seminole Reservation with my friends @ladzinski and @gatorboys_chris. I’m thankful for our protected areas. @sea_legacy #alligator #freediving #underwaterphotography


Red-footed boobies take flight during the early morning light. Many of them are temporarily considering our ship a place to gather and socialize. I personally take comfort in the company at sea, however the deck crew probably feels differently, cleaning the top deck several times a day. // So our passage continues as we spend the next week deploying and retrieving pelagic cameras on our way from Galapagos to Costa Rica in hopes of collecting more data as to what fishes and marine mammals are traveling between islands. Thanks to the @waittfoundation for supporting and conducting this multinational expedition.


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