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Mama’s pushing her weight around // Real sea monsters exist in the Savage Islands. Shot #onassignment for @natgeopristineseas offshore of Western Sahara, Africa. @sonyalpha #bealpha @waittfoundation @sea_legacy #itscomingforme #portugal


Just arriving back from paying respects to the great one. What an honor to be in the water with these beautiful sharks. Great White Shark off Guadalupe Island, Mexico. @ladzinski @cainedelacy @3stringsproductions @zodiacwatches @sea_legacy


@seealyseclimb pulling hard on a beautiful wall of red sandstone high above the Frying Pan River outside Basalt, CO. Nothing helps me transition back from weeks at sea than a good session in the mountains. ⛰️🧗🏼‍♀️ @rockandicemag @roam


Nipping at mama’s heels as they travel across sea ice, this #polarbear cub was all play and no work. I can relate. If you wait patiently enough there is always a little moment that makes an image stand out amongst the others. If I’m smiling behind the camera, that’s usually it. #Svalbard #Arctic @sea_legacy


Your beauty precedes you. An inquisitive oceanic whitetip #shark pays a memorable visit in the shallows off Cat Island, #Bahamas. @sea_legacy @moorecharitable #underwaterphotography #ocean #turningthetide


So often when I’m traveling to big marinas, I see this... and I get sooo envious. I mean, just look how beautiful these are... I’ve always wanted my own gear cart. 😏🤙🏼 @eaglecreek #findyourunknown


Five years ago @ladzinski and I took a break from climbing in ZA and snuck into #Kruger for the very first time in the middle of the night. After a brilliant day of having our minds blown, our little #safari truck rolled to a silent stop under this tree. A lot changed after that, once #Africa took hold. Haven’t seen a #leopard since. I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to the man, @ladzinski, my partner in many crimes, past and future. @3stringsproductions


Welcome aboard, friend. If I’m going to be awake at 230am with anyone, it might as well be you, beautiful. Unforgettable morning in #svalbard with @naturalworldsafaris @ladzinski @benjacksonnz @wikstrom_photography @sea_legacy


If I’m doing my job to the best of my abilities and the science is strong enough, maybe, just maybe, when the social conditions are just right, my images and films can help to influence policies that protect our oceans. The big wins are rare, very, but I still suit up everyday. It’s my responsibility given all that I know about our oceans and all who place trust in me to help communicate their tireless work. I stand tall on the shoulders of so many photographers and scientists before (and alongside) me and these are the legacies I hope to build upon. // I’m proud to be part of another long history that I admire, @zodiacwatches, whose innovations in ocean exploration date back to the 1880s and helped the first scuba divers safely reach uncharted depths in the 1950s. This ambassadorship works both ways and I want to thank them for supporting my work, shining a light on the work of the @moorecharitable and their donation to @sealegacy. Let’s be family.
Introducing the 50th anniversary limited edition #superseawolf.
#sponsored #zodiacwatches


I had a blast out in Bahamas with my friend @lindseyvonn tagging and diving with oceanic whitetips for @sharkweek. It’s a great opportunity to cast a bright light on the tireless work that @lucyahowey @moorecharitable @ceibahamas and many more have been doing here in Cat Island the last 8 years. Tune in tonight for the episode. It was a great experience. 🦈💙 @lindseyvonn @sea_legacy // @debra.abercrombie @seawilliams @seabacon @mbond8 @captinjoeydafish @scottygimages @andersoncabotcenter


Effortless. @kai_lenny ticking 30mph on his #hydrofoil, riding on an open ocean swell that I can’t even see while chasing him on a twin-outboard boat. I wish I was half as graceful on the water. This is just the tip of the iceberg... @redbull @jacepanebianco @johnnydpbp @skydickinson @kati_hetrick #surf #hawaii


It’s #sharkawarenessday and I encourage everyone to go diving with these magnificent animals at least once. Even if (especially if!) it seems scary to you. That initial fear immediately blossoms into excitement and awe and may even send you down a new path of enjoyment and respect for the ocean as a whole. You don’t need any scuba certification for most charters either. Just a mask, snorkel and fins. #TakeThePlunge // Tiger Shark in Bahamas. @sea_legacy @natgeo