Juliane Dy Ang@ang.juliane

I love @carelineph so very much too. I want to be a Careline Model.
#carelineph #carelinegirlgang #betterthanbacis


Merlion Park 😍😍😍


Full face using @carelineph... I'm cosplay of Xayah in @leagueoflegends

I really love using careline products so very much because I highly suggest this product.


Hi @carelineph! I am wearing makeup by Careline's product because I am using careline's product since 2016. Careline is my favorite because make me beautiful. I still love it so very much too. #carelinegangsearch #carelineph


I love it so very much too because I always addict @carelineph's products.


Hi @carelineph,
Can you view this my profile in @facebook? Because I want to join your family like @blythe. I love your products so very much too but I can become hiring in careline. I always play @carelineph's products because they are my favorite makeup. That why? Because I'm using easy your products but I never giveup makeup. My mind is always "Careline". But I never deny it and I am honest person because God always watch me at everyday. I hope you will believe me. I love you and God so very much too. I just says that Amen. God bless @carelineph forever. Pls back follow me po. 😍
From: @ang.juliane


I love this brand makeup so much too because I always want to @carelineph of prouducts. God bless @carelineph's owner and I still trust in @carelineph. #carelineph #carelinegirlgang #betterthanbasic


You can use lipstick as eyeliner by @carelineph.

Careline Matte Liquid Lipstick in Tutu. 💖👍💄#carelinelipstick #carelineph #carelinegirlgang #betterthanbasic #lipstickaseyeliner


I love @carelineph of products because I'm easy using it. #carelineph #carelinegirlgang #betterthanbasic #trust #lovemakeup @blythe


Korean Matte Gradient Lipstick by @carelineph's products as my favorite makeup lipstick.
Careline Matte Lipstick: In Bloom
Careline Lipstick Lippie: Mapel.

Guys, pls must try it. 😍💖👍👄
#koreangradientlips #carelinelipstick #carelineph #carelinegirlgang #betterthanbasic


I love @carelineph and @everbilenaofficial because they are my favorite makeup.


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