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bind my wandering heart to thee // csu '22 // be groovy or leave man

happy nineteenth to my favorite friend:))) lisa you are one of a kind & im so glad God gave me such an incredible best friend!! we may look like twins but it’s definitely good we aren’t actually because our parents would not be able to handle it 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ i hope your nineteenth year is fabulous!!💜💜

**everyone NEEDS to watch the last video!!**
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walkin on sunshine whOaaAa 🌞🌞


wasn’t like high school musical at all but it was still ok i guess🤷🏻‍♀️


the tears were REAL tonight guys. i’m seriously going to miss each of my asada girls so so much next year :(( this year has been the best one yet & i wouldn’t change a thing about it!! dance has given me so many friendships & has taught me so much more than just how to dance (i.e. ms angie’s life lessons !! if you’re an asada girl u know exactly what i mean) & a huge thank you to the one & only ms ang💜💜 you have always been such an amazing dance teacher & role model:) i can’t thank my parents enough for choosing to move to a step above so many years ago 💜 thank you for always pushing me to be better & for always being super patient with me (especially with my fouettés wow) lots of love!! #asadagirlsbestintheworld #dancefam4life #supertapijazzalisticexpiballetdocious


last time’s a charm :’)✨


happy mother’s day to the most amazing mom there is!!!! thanks for being a cool mom & not a regular mom!! i don’t know how i got so lucky to have you but i thank God every single day for giving me such an awesome mother. thank you for always knowing how to make me feel better when i’m upset & for always celebrating my successes with me:) thank you for supporting me in everything i do & for being the first (& best!!) role model i ever had. i don’t know what i’m gonna do without our mommy-daughter dates & movie nights next year:( i love you so super duper much & i hope one day i can be as fabulous of a mother as you! you’re the prettiest lady in the whole wide world:’) i hope you have a day as perfect as you are! #coolmom! #marypoppinsintheflesh #bestiesforlife


my last competition weekend consisted of lots (& i mean LOTS) of tears :( this competition season has definitely been one of the best & it’s all because of my beautiful & fabulous teammates. i love you all so much & im so glad we were all put on the same team. i wouldn’t have it any other way:’) #asadagirlsbestintheworld


ate our weight in sweet potato cake then danced off all the calories!! #highschoolmusicalsaiditright #anighttoremember !!


sadie’s 5.0 !!! #dancedtilwedroppedliterally


I’ve felt like God has put it on my heart to tell each of you tonight that He loves you & is with you always. God’s love for us is truly amazing. we are completely undeserving of His love yet He pours it out for us each day even after we’ve totally messed up time after time. He picks us up when we’re broken, & when we feel unloved or unappreciated He’s always there with open arms. He loves us unconditionally & not because we’re lovable or we do good things but because that’s who He is. He is love. He is the very definition of love itself. it’s so common to hear that He loves us, but why is it so easy to forget? we try to think of His love like our human love, but He doesn’t love like we do. He loves so much greater than we do. His love is wild for us. i think that’s incredible.


last dinner theater was groovy man #dancingkweens


go bucs ¡¡ #csu22 #roomies!!


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