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Nottinghill has bitter sweet memories for me. My husband and I arrived in 2001 with just AU$10,000 each. We rented a shoebox apartment on Linden Gardens. No family. We were on our own.

Slowly we made a life for ourselves. I built my career and business, got married and we had our children.
Our wedding reception was just round the corner from this spot - Beach, Blanket, Babylon.
I was back in Nottinghill today for a meeting with a potential supplier of my aura aromatherapy sprays. With a woman who I have admired as a creative talent for many years. More details to come... #nottinghill #westbournegrove #aromatherapy #auraspray #spaceclearing #spacecleansing #doterra #doterraoils

Westbourne Grove

Currently reading The 4 Hour Body by Timothy Ferris. Got fitted for my new training shoes for my jogs in the Surrey Woods at the top of my road.
Now I have no more excuses.
How are you guys getting on with your New Years resolutions?

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This is the man behind my business. I could not do it without him. He’s supported me for nearly 20 years. People always ask me how do I do it all.

He helped pay for my Theta Healing Training. He supported me financially when I was making no money from healing.

He is my voice of reason when I become unrealistic or over committed on my goals and ambitions. He grounds me. He’s a fantastic judge of character; always spot on!

He takes care of the kids when I teach and train here in London and internationally. He does the school run, kids homework and delicious dinners.

He is Josh Kitney, my husband, father to my kids, my best friend and most trusted advisor.

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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."⠀
– Eleanor Roosevelt


Are you running your business with strategies created by a mindset of desperate fear of going broke? By now you should have realised that success is an inside job. You need to be committed to the inner journey, no matter how long it takes. Decided on a long term commitment to success, from an abundant mindset.

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Sometimes the issue is not really the issue. You need to look a little deeper. What may show up on the surface in your life may be an effect and not the cause.

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Someone asked the Dalai Lama what surprised him most. His response was very enlightening and somewhat disturbing. It seems we are waiting to be happy, never really living.
Happiness is an emotional state which most of us seek to be in all the time. Unfortunately for many of us it is short lived or unattainable. We believe that “If I get rich, I’ll be happy”, or “If I have my soul mate, then I’ll be happy” or “When I am skinnier, then I’ll be happy”. The truth is that we need first need to be happy before we have the “stuff” we want. Instead, we ignore or suppress our feelings by numbing them with material possessions, drugs, alcohol or ‘useless busyness’. This leads to unhappiness that has been linked to substance use, obesity, violence, divorce and illness.

When your grateful and appreciative of what you have already, this automatically changes your focus from lack to abundance. When Joe Vitalie was homeless 30 years ago, he began being grateful for the pencil he had. This began his writing career, which has now brought him his life’s purpose and great abundance. Louise Hay, the founder of Hay House, the world’s leading Mind, Body and Spirit publisher practices the habit of being grateful when she first gets up in the morning. She begins by being grateful for the comfortable bed and the restful sleep she’s just had, grateful for the sunshine, grateful for the people in her life and grateful for all the amenities the modern world has to offer us.

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7 Daily Habits of Phenomenally Successful People⠀

1. Successful people wake up early. They have a ritual. It could be exercise, meditation, journalling or visualisation. The first hour of your day sets the energy for the rest of the day. And how you live your day is how you live your life.⠀

2. They exercise. You feel good about yourself, keeps your body healthy, the mind is alert and it teaches you discipline.⠀

3. Knowing what you can control and what you can not. Invest your time and efforts into what you can influence or control.⠀

4. Plan the day ahead. Attaining goals increases your self-worth. The day-to-day tasks propel you toward the person you wish to become.⠀

5. Commitment to completion. Make agreements with yourself to commit to completing your tasks and honouring your obligations.⠀

6. Invest in yourself. Continual education and learning in all areas of life, not just business.⠀

7. They have mentors and coaches. You can try to get there yourself, or get a coach or mentor who has already done it and can save you years and thousands of dollars.⠀

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Discover the 4 Secrets to Manifesting >

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Goodbye Marrakech! I’ve learnt so much on the business retreat. I am ready to set up, step forward to serve humanity with clarity in my mission and purpose. Grateful to the Creator for all the support that is to come to make this vision a reality.

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Empowering Belief Download “Would you like the Creators truth, perspective, definition and understanding of relaxation? That you know what it feels like to let go of control and trust the Creator to bring you the best outcomes in your life and business. That you are worthy and deserving to relax, knowing that your business can still be earning you money. And that you can rest without feeling guilty. Knowing that having a rested mind, body and soul you’ll be more productive, efficient and more creative in your life and business.

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La Sultana Signature Hotels

Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, the cactus paradise of Yves Saint Laurent. The cobalt blue is a natural mineral pigment.
Cobalt blue is the colour of empowerment. A great colour to wear if you are in an important meeting or striking a deal.

This building was his studio where he did his paintings, that is now a museum. Surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens with 🌵cactus, 🌴palm trees, bamboo and other tropical plants from around the world.

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Le Jardin Majorelle

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