I like taking pictures more so on my 600d, trying to solve life with freckles. I, you know podcast @offthetopicpod link in bio

“Hair smells like the tropics”


This looks like the previous pic I posted but it’s not, only a boy would say such a thing 🙄 #menaretrash lol


You’re now being subjected to three selfies in a row, just so I can maintain the layout


Now you’ve taken a bunch of selfie what do you do with them... do they just sit in your camera roll 🤔


So I turn 28 today. Thank you for all the birthday wishes sorry for the late replies I’m out at tea! #birthdaygirl #birthdaybehavior


First post in two years, not bad huh


Babe but does she even know #happybirthday @talkwithtabz


Happy happy happy birthday to my heart @tabzcarter I still remember when you were born and how excited I was to have a cousin. All I wanted to do was show you my dolls.
I love you more than life it's self and I've been so lucky to see you grow into a beautiful young woman. I will always be there for you and always believe in you. Yea we fight but that's what sisters do. Love you you'll always be my little one #happybirthday


Happy happy happy birthday to my one & only chocolate queen. Treat yourself but treat those you love. Wishing you every happiness x


When you make pointless videos just because you thought you looked cute ...awkward #postyourselfieandgo


Urgh...why you so wavey #nang


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