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I like taking pictures more so on my 600d, trying to solve life with freckles. I, you know podcast @offthetopicpod link in bio

Do I look like how I sound?

New @offthetopicpod out today

I miss Francis - we’re talking Deadpool 2
Link in my bio

Shameless selfie or excellent promo for the pod. 🤔

You decide?
#podcast #selfie #deadpool2 #deadpool #podcast


Only posting this so I can post the next pic, which is actually the pic I want to post, but I now post pics in 3 so you’re subjected to two other useless #selfies


I’m on a self impose Twitter ban till I see Infinity War, can’t have any of these #menaretrash people spoiling it for me.

So I’m here posting selfies
One of these people already told me I flooded their TL with my selfies so I’ve uploaded them all in one post, there are you happy 🙃🙄😝 At least you can see the process & those that didn’t make the cut #freckles & #allthat

PS If you’re bored of my selfies I only have 3 more left then I’m going back to real photography. A welcome blessing


I need my wisdom tooth taken out, thus my face is swollen randomly’s been 4 months & 21 days 🙃


“Hair smells like the tropics”


This looks like the previous pic I posted but it’s not, only a boy would say such a thing 🙄 #menaretrash lol


You’re now being subjected to three selfies in a row, just so I can maintain the layout


Now you’ve taken a bunch of selfie what do you do with them... do they just sit in your camera roll 🤔


So I turn 28 today. Thank you for all the birthday wishes sorry for the late replies I’m out at tea! #birthdaygirl #birthdaybehavior


First post in two years, not bad huh


Babe but does she even know #happybirthday @talkwithtabz