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24.05.18 V1 Gallery, Copenhagen | 06.06.18 Slade MA Show, London | 13.07.18 Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Liverpool | 18.08.18 Baert Gallery, LA

‘New “Bad” Painting’ is hung and ready for action at @v1gallery
Here’s ‘It Wasn’t To Be’ taken by @rasmusthor 🔜 opening: 24.05.17 5pm-9pm (come check out two of my bad, sad recent paintings)


SO PROUD of my pal Sam Langrigg on his spectacular space at the Slade undergrad show @samlangrigg (studio23)


Patch tests, thinking about an off white background for my show... but then again maybe not. (It’s at the Slade on 6th June onwards)


In 1978 Marcia Tucker put on an exhibition in the New Museum called ‘“Bad” Painting’ which included paintings and drawings by fourteen artists who consciously rejected traditional concepts of draftsmanship in favour of personal styles of figuration. Next week at @v1gallery this concept will be revisited thanks to @rasmusthor 🖐🏽 I’m thrilled to be a part of this showing alongside some really talented “bad” painters, whose work I love !

If you’re in Copenhagen next week come check it out please x


Eek, we begin the install for the Slade degree show in only two weeks


‘Inside Out’


The very first layer on top of a translucent white distemper. Never mixed pigment into rabbit skin glue before / such a cool effect !


Really pleased to be a part of this year’s ‘New Contemporaries’ with a couple of Slade buddies ⚡️⚡️


Ch ch changes
#mfa #kunst #contemporarypainting


‘Homage to a fading memory’ series, oil on paper in hand painted frames - on display at Chalton Gallery until 21st April


‘New Faces’ in our show ‘The present is already gone’


Open till 21st April 2018: literally love this gallery space so much, here’s Javier the legend behind the scenes. 💙


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