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Showcase 12: #TheHomeSeries
Swipe for favorites from last week’s Community Brief. #ShotoniPhone
1. Aimad W. @aimadwahbi
2. Johan C. @johancoinboeuf
3. Kubilay K. @kubishots
4. Aakash P. @patelaakash211
5. Tommy C. @tttttommyyyyy
6. Eric C. @ericchu817
7. Natalya L. @lofconvic
8. Felipe C. @backtoimage


“There is no love like a mother’s love.” #ShotoniPhone by Naseef N. @trippismm


"Being a dad has made me a better human being. I love my kids the best way I can. I’m present with them. My son knows that I’ll always catch him, there’s never any doubt." #ShotoniPhone by Mark B. @airholdy


Community Brief 12: Home
It doesn’t have to be a house, to be your home.
Tag #TheHomeSeries + #ShotoniPhone
We’ll post favorites next week.


“When out of nowhere, a magical field suddenly appeared.” #ShotoniPhone by Harris B. @harrisbacker


“Finding another world, just outside the city limits.” #ShotoniPhone by Sergey B. @sergey_sterling


Collection: Textures
A tour of all things tactile.
#ShotoniPhone by...
Kanichi F. @kanichi_fujiwara, Valérie D. @vald_art, Matej P. @macpaluchphoto, Shiny A. @shiny.amurayama, Randi L. @therandimancan, Irma M. @irma_mchedlishvili, Roger W. @missesthe90s, Julio A. @julioamoros, Zahi H. @zahi_photography, Andrew C. @andrewconard, JJ L. @jjleedesign, Artem K. @electronicdispair, Brett H. @makearchitects_za, Angel I. @shadeofblu, Kira P. @kcp732, Nina F. @ninafontcuberta, Beatriz C. @thickskinnedchameleon, Aidan L. @aidoframes, Ryan H. @lightandcolortheory, Colleen M. @cmacleodphoto, Angelo M. @angelo_merluccio, Arvind F. @arvindfozdar, Arvind T. @arvind_thiruk, Iván M. @ivansinw, Tim L. @timmsparta, Eri M. @eri.kontrabassklarinette, Gabriel L. @ogabe87, John S. @john_selig, Rem A. @xyrph, Maxime H. @maximehuss, Jamie H. @avonshot, Oskar J. @_oskarjan, Olly Q. @mcmercslr, Lori L. @lorilipkind, Hilal O. @fhzen, David G. @deesgoods, Alexander S. @mrsockoflove, Hung P.D. @aesthestine, Dave M. @morenoland


Commissioned by Apple
“On Ramadan, the last few moments before sunset help me to be grateful and thankful for everything” — Mahra A.

#ShotoniPhone by Mahra A @mahraalmehairi, Alanood M. @alanood.mubarak, Hattan A. @hattanart, and Ahmad A. @aalrais.

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"Two favorite animals in the same picture. Lucky me." #ShotoniPhone by Eve N. @eve.nera


“The best thing is getting out in the field and testing it. You discover new beauty in things you took for granted.” #ShotoniPhone by Mads H. @hagbarth
Developer of @fullspectrumcamera


“It’s like making the world fold into itself.” #ShotoniPhone by James G. @jamesmgrote
Developer of Circular Tiny Planet Editor @brainfeverapps


"Simply a unique and unforgettable experience!" #ShotoniPhone by Luca S. @luca.m.schneider