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You never know who you'll run into at #SXSW! What's up, @kharypayton? (Side note, the photobooth lady IMMEDIATELY asked me if I wanted to retake this. #Rude)


Having too much fun at #SonyatSXSW. (Swipe left to see a recreation of my 5.75-y.o. self's masterpiece, "sheep with three lumps on its head farting hair" (@touchpizza))


I've never been a particularly good street photographer -- I'm too aware of my own obtrusiveness, so I prefer to shoot subjects who are so aware of me being there that it becomes a non-issue. BUT, I've always really like this one. (This moment of self-indulgence brought to you by the documentary I just watched at #SXSW about Garry Winogrand, who is truly one of the greats).

Max Brenner

Just spent 20 minutes trying on every single pair of glasses in @thevisioncouncil 's lounge. My own just cracked, so... thoughts? #eyeamhealthy #doesthiscountasaphotobooth?


It's @megan.jill.gordon's anniversary, which means it's ALSO the anniversary of some really important friendships in my life. So happy anniversary to Meg & Mike but also happy anniversary to all of us! It's genuinely hard to believe that I only met you all a year ago (except Lauren #wolverinepride). 💙 #m&m #megnmikegetmarried #prettywomanwedding #seals #nicolefrombaltimore #whereami #coveryourshame

Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills (A Four Seasons Hotel)

Happy belated Oscars ft. some terrible puns, a surprisingly not-terrible college reunion photo, and a dish in honor of @beaniefeldstein. #oscars #theoscarsstressmeout #thepostdoesntgetadish

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Boston: best viewed from a train window.

Boston, Massachusetts

Media Lab at dawn is pretty nice, not gonna lie.

MIT Media Lab

A Dog Called Wanda

Beverly Hills, California