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Happy wedding @beckydale3! I love you, don't ever change. #morknbork2k18 #borklorette #borktacular #pizza #jamon


#tfw it's your friend's wedding but she's taking photos with her other friends so you & your wedding date pull the same move at the same time without any verbal communication. #samenamesamegame #borktacular #morknbork2k18


Happy happy birthday to @k8blackwood / Mother / one of the kindest people I've ever met! Have fun & can't wait to see you tomorrow!♥️ #nantucketladytime


Tanti Auguri Dr. Marion!! From covering our shame in Beverly Hills to getting through a Thanksgiving crisis in London to laughing our asses off in Amsterdam and crying on a street corner in Florence, we've spanned continents. Let's make this a good one! 💜💜#cv4life


Dear Joey, Happy birthday! Even though you're mean to me, Lump and I love you very much. Xoxo, Dad


This is a much #latergram, but every year I get to spend one looooong day in great company picking the 12 winners for @theblanktheatre's Young Playwrights Festival. #YPF does great work supporting the voices of young people, and this weekend is the last week. SO, if you're in LA you should come check it out (and hang out with me)! #icried #icryeveryyear #scrollallthewaythroughforbetty ((ALSO, @hellotimjo is in this weekend's performance, in case you need more motivation))


Scarecrow, I think I'll miss you most of all. Love you, name twin.


Buckle up, buttercups, because this is about to get schmaltzy af. Today is f'reals graduation (I won't be there but that's inconsequential) so it's also the end of #gratitudeweek (aka 6 non-consecutive days) and the #1 thing I couldn't have done if I hadn't come to Sloan is become friends with all of these people. Every single person pictured here (and some others) has listened to me whine, seen me cry, and brought me moments of genuine, undiluted joy. These are also the people I made my #gratitudeweek promise to. The past two years haven't been the best time in my life, and I genuinely couldn't have gotten through it without all of you. Happy graduation everyone!! #shabbatpromise #antiprom #mysloanalmoment #dopechickentendies #georgemuagoddamndelight #nantucketladytime #cancunladytime #wearinganniesregularclothesascostumes #annwich


#gratitudeweek -- Going to Sloan meant I got 2 bonus years of living in the same city as Rob Knoll. We didn't hang as much as we probably should have, but it was pretty great to get to text "hey man, you hungry?" a few more times. RAK, you were one of my first and best college friends & I know we hate each other's hometowns but I'm glad we got to hang at all (especially that we got to hang at Algiers before it closed f'realsies). Here are some old pics and one newer one. #cake #psets #ripalgiers #posthumus #horpses


Alright it's officially #graduationweek so here's #gratitudeweek part 2. One of the best things about being at Sloan has been the opportunity to invest in & grow my NYC friend family. Getting to know Russell & Lillie has been a particular joy, and they remain my favorite house guests (sorry daniel / ben / my mom).


Over the next few days I anticipate getting the question "so what are you doing next?" at least 6000 times, and in lieu of responding I would just like to refer everybody to this photo. #ypf #photoglife #inappropriatefootwear #dgaf Thanks @thehotshotdude for capturing my essence.