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I could change your life honey🍯✨


I know I’m a little late to posting this but on Saturday I just had my first training of the year with my new state officer team!💛We had a blast bonding and learning new techniques to improve our public speaking and on-the-spot speaking. 🧠 I am so happy to be serving with all of these amazing people because they all have amazing ideas and We connect so well! This year is going to be amazing.Get ready FBLA Arizona Team 57 has a lot planned! 💡


We’re all in the same game; just different levels. Dealing with the same hell; just different devils.


To Camilla: I wanted to say a huge thank you to you first because I’m probably going to miss you the most and that’s due to the fact that you had the opportunity to come back and I wanted you to so badly. I understand that you’re going to do bigger and better things and I couldn’t be happier, but the selfish part of my heart still aches knowing you won’t be on this year’s team. No one will ever be able to show the world the way you do through your camera and you capturing every moment and memory is something I will truly miss♥️ I’m going to miss the sound of your laugh, the sound of your camera clicking to take a picture, your silly dancing, and all our little rants as tea buddies😂 I thank you for every time you woke up Galadriel😂, for that time your mom brought us cinnamon rolls, and for every time you were the voice of reason. Thank you for teaching me to be a calmer leader who looks on the bright side instead of always complaining or being pessimistic. I love you Camilla Larson and I thank you for every lesson you have taught me and for every amazing moment you captured. I love you and I’m still going to bother you at every FBLA conference. After all, you were the girl who saved me when my arm got jammed in the door at state 2017😂♥️


Now that it’s the end of April I think it’s definitely time that I post the pics from state😂 I waited so long because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye but as I move forward into my second term in state office and have my first training in less than a week I realize that I’m not saying goodbye to my team completely. Team 56 was my family and this amazing group of people has taught me so much! I never expected to grow so close to them or cry so much when I had to say goodbye to Seth, Lana, Brenden, Corbin and Camilla. They have inspired me and have played a great deal in my growth as a leader. From Seth and his unwavering confidence, to Corbin and his goofy jokes and charismatic attitude, to Lana’s independence,strength, and wisdom, to Brenden’s kindness, and to Camilla’s amazing pictures and motherly love there is no doubt in my mind that these people have not had a great impact in my life. I’m not making this post to say goodbye because I know I will meet with these young leaders again along the road and everything they have given me will last a lifetime, I made this post to say thank you and I love you all! Thank you Team 56 for being so loving and being the best second family I could ask for♥️


This year was so stressful and scary but I wouldn't change any part of it. I challenged myself in more ways than I thought possible and I have changed tremendously as a leader. Every sleepless night and difficult situation I was placed in has done nothing but work for my benefit. I will never be able to repay FBLA for all that the organization has given me but I will work as hard as I can in this next upcoming year to give my all for FBLA. I had the most amazing time at State this year and placed first in Marketing! I have done nothing but grow as I placed fifth in Client service last year and took 1st in Marketing this year. I look forward to more growth, memories, and learning and wish all those leaving my life the best of luck in their future endeavors as they pursue bigger and better things😊❤️THANK YOU FBLA ARIZONA!


They say that fate doesnt care about your plans and I'm a firm believer that this is true because when I first attended San Tan Foothills High School I did not want to take a journalism class, but as fate would have it I found my greatest joy in life through taking the most unenjoyable class. In journalism I was introduced to the FBLA adviser at my school and he opened my eyes to an organization that has changed my life. From the moment that I took the action to join I sealed a fate of growth, development, learning, and memories. I have made countless connections and memories and within one year I transformed from a chapter officer to a state officer, from placing 1st in client service at Regionals to taking 10th in the nation. Nothing in this life is accidental and while journalism isn't my favorite subject, I will never regret the day I joined that class and my eyes were opened to FBLA. I joined FBLA with the intent of changing the lives of members but in reality FBLA has changed me and I would not take back any part of my FBLA journey. #fblapblweek


"You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way." -Walter Hagen...I'm so glad that while running through the streets of New orleans Camilla stopped to take this pic😭❤️


I cannot begin to say how thankful I am for FBLA and my state officer team! I am so thankful that we have come closer as a team and formed new bonds. I'm grateful for my tea buddies and the fact that I can talk about anything with the girls. Also, I'm grateful for all the jokes and good times from the boys. I even appreciate when Eric and Corbin are sassy lol love you all!❤️❤️ (also threw in a pic of my hosa chapter bc i love them with my whole heart) #loveallCTSOs


There is so much to smile for! like the fact that my dear friend camilla is such a talented photographer😭❤️👏i love you milla😭


Dont be like the rest of them, darling✨💛🍯


First plane ride, first swamp tour, first trolley ride, and first time in an above ground cemetery! Forever grateful for FBLA #nflc2017la


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