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Lived my full Nancy Sinatra ‘bump-it’ fantasy in a glittering @Asos number at the @dtlaproud gala w/ some of the best & beautiful in LaLa Land 💛
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Every day, i want to quit. But I’m “the strong one.” I remind myself of all of the good things i have and do, but the jobs I work hardest towards feel purposely kept away from me. Like I’m never enough or just too much for the eyes and minds making the decisions controlling how high up i can go in this industry. I work and work and build my experience and accolades only to be passed over or full on ignored by my community, peers, and whoever else could help my career excel to a livable level. Never nominated, recognized, or first choice for anything and i definitely notice after doing this for 10+ years. Always exploited, underpaid, used, and told i should be grateful for the “experience” that always costs me something: money, my dignity, sleep, time, peace of mind. And what’s funny is the same gig will be offered to a friend (because trans Hollywood is very small) and they’ll be offered triple the rate when they’re asked of half of the work i was asked to do. If you’re hiring trans talent please believe that we ALL talk and know exactly who is bullshitting us on a fair wage. Instagram and my positive attitude make it look like i have it all, and that’s probably the hardest part. When i tell the truth, nobody wants it because they don’t actually care. Sometimes i feel like I cannot get through this sober, often completely alone and invisible in a room filled with people. I will never play the victim and i refuse to be pitied as i live a life my younger self could’ve only imagined. I just want fair pay and opportunity for the work i put in. Trans women aren’t women? We definitely are in entertainment. #endrant #exploited #overworked #underpaid #bellringer #hollywood #howcouldithurtyouwhenitlookssogood #money 📸 @dustinsohn



“Some of them say that we’re sick, we’re crazy...some of them say we’re the most gorgeous, special things on earth.”~ Venus Xtravaganza
Taking this moment to demand respect for trans people everywhere. I don’t care if you agree with how we live our lives as i probably don’t agree with all of your life choices either. We deserve to live full lives with the same respect and safety that any other citizen is entitled to. We are your equals, we are your family, we are your friends. STOP KILLING US👏🏽 #restinpower #venusxtravaganza 📸 @lunalovebad 💄 @ber_amos
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I’m in a Lulu Lemon campaign♥️✨
Head over to @lululemon IGTV NOW. #boobtruth Tuesdays Episode 4 is now live,! Hear me talk rogue boobs (and other topics). Keep tuning into lululemon IGTV every Tuesday at 4:00 to catch the rest of the episodes. Why is no one talking about this stuff?
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Splash Down Thotiana💦 givin’ you 90’s #GucciBarbie realness at my favorite party of the summer @daddyissuesparty ♥️💚🖤
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Ho up for a ho-down🎇🇺🇸🎆
4th of July in the hills
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iG Caption Contest: Winner gets a prize🖤 📸 @davidelaffe 👙 @marcomarcounderwear 💇🏼‍♀️ @socalstylesandunits 💄 @missfamebeauty Dirty Couture
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In the midst of the greatness that was the 50 year anniversary of the Stonewall riots celebrated this past month, i finally get to post and express how i feel about where we are as a community today. These photos don’t just represent a drag queen convention for me as i am 32 years old and am too aware of how poorly i was treated by my peers and trusted adults as a femme queer child. Never in my lifetime could i imagine that we would have a place to be open, free, and CELEBRATED for being ourselves...for being other. There were kids in drag w/ supportive parents nearby, grown men covered in glitter living their best life , and an energy that could only be the love felt by feeling safe and free in this environment. This was my second time being invited as talent @rupaulsdragcon and it was an absolute honor and privilege to represent all that is queer within me and even perform in their first stand-up comedy presentation. Thank you so much for having me in what can only be described as a childhood fantasy.
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I’m on my way to work @heartlandpride & couldn’t resist posting some fun behind the scenes shots of another fantastic @lapride w/ my AMAZING team and some backstage sister moments w/ yall’s favorite entertainers💜♥️💛🖤💗
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