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saw the light of my life 12.05.17 πŸ’›


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I’m living for this outtake holy shit 😍


wanna be friends? :)


do you own one of Ariana’s fragrances? πŸ’–


21/9/17 πŸ‘€
i can’t believe the tour is over..
She’s been so strong the last months. This tour was the best tour ever. This era. I’m gonna miss it all. She’s so incredibly, and to hear this amazing voice every night is a gift from god.. can’t wait to AG4 is out. That era is gonna be so amazing I can’t even... this tour was so magical. All the vocals. Dancers. Lights. Photos. The photos makes me feel alive. The tour makes me feel alive. I’ve met so many incredible fans over Instagram the past months. Ariana have been so strong. One love Manchester. Everything. That show was truly beautiful. She’s been traveling around the whole world.. truly amazing. I can’t wait to see more performances of her. She’s truly a blessing. This tour are and will forever be in our hearts. This tour was going sooo fast. We’ve all cried but also smiled. Ariana, I wanna say thank you for visiting my country and perform. Amazing. It’s 4 months ago already. And you was the first concert I’ve ever been to. I’ll always remember seeing you AND my first ever concert. Time flies so fast... but at least. Thank you @arianagrande πŸŒ™


Cute asf πŸ™‰β€οΈπŸ‘€