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CLOSED this Wed - Thur - Fri for a reshuffle, back OPEN as normal 10am - 4pm from Sat 23rd

I never tire of these evening hues✨
We are closed the next 3 days while we do a little house keeping, keep your eye out for some special EOFY news on Friday 😉 #pinkwalls #plantsonpink #uniqueplantnursery #arizonalivingstyle


After and hour of having the front gate and dome door open the gusts are ripping our dome cover off... 😭🤦🏼‍♀️


So many textures and shades of green, still calming in the geodome even with the wind screaming like a banshee outside 💚


On left SOLD
@tkawei bud vases are in stock but they vanish quick, when you fall in love with one grab it, no two glazes are ever exactly the same, so no one can ever have one exactly like yours 💙 #glazelove #takeawei


We all have dreams, one of mine is to have an oversized clump of purple prickly pear growing so prolifically that I can be like Oprah with cuttings. This week starter plants for that dream hit the nursery and it turns out I am not alone in being mad for a purple paddle....
They’re already hot property and won’t last so get down to THIS WEEKEND if you want to grab yours 💜💜💜 #opuntiamacrocentra #arizonalivingstyle

4 will be closed next Wed-Thurs-Fri while we do a few little things around the place...we’re pretty excited to show you all on Sat 23rd June - pop a visit in your diary now 🙌🏼


The first product we started selling back in early 2015 was these baskets...we travelled to Indonesia to source them and they continue to be Lib’s favorite way to display plants indoors and warm a room.
The soft texture and hand made quality just help them make a space feel like HOME 🙌🏼


It’s cold but the cacti don’t care🧤#glovesweather #arizonalivingnursery #surfcoastlife #brisk


It’s been a while since our last amazing batch of Burgundy’s...this week my growers brought the goods and we have HEAPS in all three of our favorite sizes.
Always a classic and one of the easiest care, most stunning indoor plants they start at $18 and never disappoint 🌑


Hope the long weekend treated you well - how good is a 4 day work week!! Lib is out sourcing new stock and on the hunt for more beautiful and unique plants to fill a few empty pots & Josie and Elsa are in the nursery to help you choose your green💚 Have a great Tuesday!!


Who thinks the best way to spend a BONUS WEEKEND DAY is buying plants? If you need some help selecting we’ll be open for the public holiday 10am-4pm
I am just going to leave this photo by @chelsaeanne here to spark your imagination...rooftop cactus garden anyone? #longweekends #janjuc #arizonalivingstyle


Grab a coffee and your best plant shopping friend, it’s Sunday, it’s a long weekend and the sun is out, so obviously, ROAD TRIP! 🚗🌵💃🏻 Aside from totally being spoilt for choice as far as eating goes (@swell_cafe☕️ - @therockjanjuc🥘 - amaze fish & chips🍤 - Chin’s general store selling fresh sth melb dim sims🥟 - and a pub!🍻) After you’ve filled your belly with food and your boot with plants you should head off and do the awesome hike that starts on the Bird Rock Cliffs (just across the car park) and takes you out to the iconic Bells Beach & magical Point Addis along the coast.
Um, what are you waiting for!? Tag your best plant shopping friends, put down your phone, get in the car and come have an amazing Sunday in our secret spot on the coast ❤️ #roadtripsunday #arizonalivingnursery #janjuc #hiddengems #beintheknow


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