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@RobertClarkphoto "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most responsive to change." #CharlesDarwin (1809-1882). Have crocodiles cracked the evolutionary code? They are graced with a characteristic that makes them almost indestructible: the ability to enter a state similar to a living death.

They can go for over a year without food. They can live on land or stay submerged in water for long periods. They can slow their metabolism to require mere sips of breath and a few heartbeats a minute. It believed that these abilities allowed them to pass through catastrophes that caused many other forms to vanish.

The hatchling Siamese croc has a mouth that is lined with tack-like teeth that might come loose when first learning to feed.

Today’s crocodilians, from the mighty saltwater crocodile to the dwarf crocodile of West Africa, share basic traits. They are all semi-aquatic carnivores with a familiar morphology.
During the Cretaceous Period, when this area of the planet was a swampy wilderness crossed by large rivers, crocodiles had diversified much as mammals have done today. #Evolution has left us today with 23 species of crocodilian, a quarter of which are considered critically endangered.

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A Popular Rendezvous Spot in Tokyo | Photograph by Hiro Kurashina | #Sponsored by @Rolex
“[People] wait by a decommissioned train that used to carry thousands of commuters daily between Shibuya and Sakuragicho. In recent years, Shibuya Station has become a favorite rendezvous point for lovers and friends to meet,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Hiro Kurashina. “These people are [maybe] wondering if their dates will come and meet them on time; their facial expressions [have] various levels of anticipation and anxiety. This photo was taken on December 21, 2016 at 1:47PM.”

“The notion of a ‘waiting game’ is intelligently captured in this photograph. The gestures and expressions of the four people biding their time, each in their own separate worlds, are intriguing.” — @natgeo photographers Diane Cook and Len Jenshel (@cookjenshel)
This photo was selected for our “Exploring Time” story, curated by @natgeo photographers Diane Cook and Len Jenshel and #Sponsored by @rolex. They invited the @natgeoyourshot community to share photos that encapsulates time, defining what a particular hour of the day looks like, tells a story about time, or captures a moment in time. #perpetualplanet


#Boomerang by @adnansaputroo
“Right or left?” asks Adnan (@adnansaputroo) in his caption.
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East Bekasi Highway

Lo decimos distinto, lo sentimos igual. Explora las diferencias que nos unen en #TheStoryOfUs. Estreno MAÑANA, 8 PM PE / 9 PM MEX-COL / 10 PM CHI y lunes, 10 PM ARG.


Photo by @taylorglenn // Men outside of a communal hut perched above banana and sugar cane crops in the village of Windiwa, an Arhuaco community deep in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains in northern Colombia. The Arhuaco are one of several tribes inhabiting this region that are descendants of the great Tairona culture. Their primary economy is subsistence agriculture in which they cultivate such crops as onions, potatoes, corn, wheat, various fruits and other vegetables to trade within their community. Coffee is grown in some areas and traded with the outside world to acquire products they can not produce themselves. It is a challenging way of life to say the least. The Arhuaco are a very spiritual people and believe that their homeland is the center of the universe and that the well being of the rest of the world depends upon it. And like so many cultures that live on the margins of modern society, their land and way of life is under constant threat. I have been traveling here for the past few years with Tribal Outreach Medical Association (TOMA) to document their health and sustainability projects for these communities. Recently their work has focused on establishing solar power arrays in strategically located villages enabling visiting health care workers to provide better care. Jump over to my feed @taylorglenn to learn more about this fascinating culture and the incredible work of TOMA. #colombia #arhuaco #solar #sustainability

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Early mornings in Park City #ad // Excited to be in beautiful Utah this week w/ @chase Sapphire for the #Sundance Film Festival #SapphireOnLocation #SapphireInsider

Sundance Film Festival

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“This weather is a bit chilly willy” writes @sheepish_addie with @doodleandthehound and @indythegoldendoodle



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