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I like going above the treeline.
My latest Aurora timelapse in glorious 4K⤵️

East coast light pollution and few stars.


I think this waterfall almost looks like a heart.


The Milky Way is back! And from now until late in the summer we get 2 more hours of it every month! I have so many ideas in my head for this Milky Way season and can't wait to get out and capture more of these!


Airplanes in the Florida night sky


For some cars in Iceland there's no such thing as a winter road closure.


This Icelandic waterfall is called Hrafnabjargafoss and its another one on the list of waterfalls that I had all to myself.


Today I'm featuring the clouds that persisted all night and ruined a great show.


This is one of the coolest looking waterfalls in Iceland and there wasn't a single soul there other than myself because reaching it required a 2 mile hike down a snowy road.


I had a nice view on my way back to the airport in Iceland last week.


This waterfall is in tourist land and it had safety fences around icy areas. I chose to stay behind the fence despite having crampons but I was kinda tempted to go to the area right next to the water in the bottom of the picture...
What would you have done?


Magical views of the Northern Lights at cruising altitude on my @wowair flight from Baltimore to Iceland earlier this month.
4k version of this video is available in my bio.
Music is by @audiomachine.


I took this picture while my car got a stuck in snow too deep for it at 2am. It wasn't a bad place to hang out till a friendly stranger helped me out in the morning.
Also that weird looking ð in Goðafoss makes a th sound. (I think)


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