Arto Trujillo@artofdrowning

Leave what’s heavy behind. Austin, TX

Lake Travis via an hour scooter ride from downtown Austin. Worth it.


Been feeling it these last couple of weeks. Months really. Holding my head up high and aggressively tackling my mental health issues with the support of friends, family, and my partner. I’ve relinquished myself of most social media (ie Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat). Trying to focus on what’s really important. In the words of the Patrick Flynn, “Watch me rise”


Memorial Day doesn’t make me feel good. Hasn’t made me feel good for years. I’m glad I got to meet you. You were something I always aspired to be. Some of us will never forget. You’ll always be a reminder. Charles H Keating IV 1FEB85-3MAR16


Thank goodness, it’s Friday.


I see you're weak. Did you see that we were strong?


Essentials. #swatch #zappschips #nalgene


Don’t be fooled, it took forever to get this shot. Julie+water=relentless


regroup in hell Gunny #rah #yut #err


Words can’t express what @joshfromfl and @strengthenwhatremains has done for me, With Increase, and FLHC. Thankless road dogs that paved the way and did everything under the sun. I’m severely humbled to have been a part of a tremendous era of Florida Hardcore and even more honored to call Josh White a close friend. FLHC LIVES ON #flhc #tampabayhardcore #theoldbreed #813shooters


Happy 0311 day. Best/worst of times. Glad I did it, glad I never have to do it again. #0311 🔫


#internationalwomensday 3 great women in my life. Love ‘em to bits. Couldn’t get through without them.