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This is a pretty picture BUT please read... Crying at the airport always
Battering, like the sexism which supports and fosters it, is a practice of long standing in Western culture. Whenever women and children are seen as 'belonging' to a man, violence has been used as a tool of legitimate control. Throughout history, the rights and regulations pertaining to this control (often-termed castigation, discipline or chastisement) of a man's wife and children have been codified in various laws, both civil and religious.

In 1800 BC, the Code of Hammurabi decreed that a wife was subservient to her husband and that he could inflict punishment on any member of his household for any transgression.

The Roman Code of Paterfamilias reads, "If you should discover your wife in adultery, you may with impunity put her to death without a trial, but if you should commit adultery or indecency, she must not presume to lay a finger on you, nor does the law allow it." Some other offenses punishable by death were walking outside with her face uncovered or attending a public event without permission.

Medieval Canon law encouraged that wifely disobedience be punished publicly, using devices like iron muzzles with spikes which depressed the tongue.

In Renaissance France when it became clear that too many women and children were being beaten to death and their economic contributions lost, lawmakers acted to moderate the effects of domestic chastisement. One statute, considered in its time to be progressive, restricted the chastisement of wives and children to "blows, thumps, kicks or punches on the back...which did not leave any marks," but added, "the man who is not master of his wife is not worthy of being a man." Another law even later, designed to protect women and children stated that, "All the inhabitants have the right to beat their wives so long as death does not follow."

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac)

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I'm hairy not scary! I laughed out loud thinking about this caption. It's October smell a pumpkin!


# ⭐️ me x @dannymichel but I did the corn

My Sweet Home

I'm a little baby actor in this adorable baby film (more like an angsty ass teen) @drib.drib.drib which is now available on iTunes for your viewing pleasure! Directed by bad boy @kristogger and acting along side @memba_berries @amiramadeus @brettgelman a pleasure. A joy.

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