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The Foundry Photojournalism Workshop will be in Kolkata from 15-21 July 2018. It is taught by photojournalists who regularly work with and for National Geographic, The New York Times, TIME, Newsweek, Stern, and countless other international publications. There is no age or experience restriction for the workshop, they offer classes for all levels of photography. There are also places for full or partial scholarships. To apply please visit

Some of the instructors include @maggiesteber
@adrianazehbrauskas @jaredmoossy @mansimidha @smitashrm @kirstenluce @jameswhitlowdelano @clairerosenphoto @bbohane Tanya Habouja, myself and there are more to be announced.

Please do spread the word. Thank you!


Thanks @bazaarindia for including me in your anniversary issue. They asked 8 photographers for self portraits. Here is mine, with the title "Self Centred", which I really hope is a pun and not a description! Please do see the feature as it includes @ketakisheth @clare_arni @serena.chopra @nayantaraparikh @smitashrm Neha Choksi and Saadiya Kochar.
On why I chose to photograph myself like this, my text reads "Photography, like life, is about balance - of colors, of composition, of light. As a mother of 3 children who are 4 and under, I try to balance their time with (a bit of) mine; their interests with (some of) mine; and their emotions with (a lot of) mine! For me, images help to identify the calm within the chaos - when slowed down and frozen, we can see how perfectly we can function and fit into the bedlam."


School children assemble at an activity organised by @dharmalifeindia on 'cooking without smoke' - with induction cookers, to curb indoor air pollution and associated health issues in women and children. #children #rautukibeli #uttarakhand #cleancooking #cleanenergy #nofilter #indiaphotoproject @natgeocreative @sonyalphain #a7rii


Children from the village of Rautu Ki Beli photograph me, photographing them. Wherever I go children are endlessly fascinated by photography. It would great to have more time (and more cameras) to help fuel their fascination! @sonyalphain @dharmalifeindia @natgeocreative #everydaychildhood #children #rautukibeli #uttarakhand #a7 #a7rii #sonyalphain


Adolescent school girls in Chawandiya village near Pushkar, play a game of ‘snakes and ladders’, with a twist… This game has been devised by @dharmalifeindia to help educate them about menstrual hygiene - the player rolls a dice and moves along, until they land on a snake or ladder. They are then asked a question about how to look after themselves during their ‘MC’ - menstrual cycle. If they answer correctly, they can move up the ladder or avoid sliding down the snake. Dharma Life has taken a popular game and its familiar motifs so it is easier to talk about periods, the stigma, the myths, the hygiene issues, and importantly the idea that it is a normal part of being a girl.
Many of the girls are carrying the ‘gulabi gulakh’ or pink pouches, which they are given by the NGO so everyday when they get lunch money, they keep 1 rupee of it in the pouch. At the end of the month, they will have saved about Rs. 30/-, enough to buy a packet of 8 -10 sanitary napkins, so that they won’t have to wear cloth napkins, that often lead to infection.
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When it hailed in Rautu Ki Beli, Uttarakhand, at the end of February, people ran into the warmth of their kitchen fires. The walls were black from soot, and as I stood outside the houses, plumes of thick smoke rose out of the tiny windows.
Some estimate that the fumes from a wood-fueled chula is equal to smoking 400 cigarettes an hour. Since 2014, it is estimated that 4.3 million people a year, mostly women and children (who remain close to cooking fires) have died due to illnesses (mostly respiratory) associated with indoor air pollution.
#needforcleanenergy #cleancooking #indoorairpollution #healthissue #a7rii
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@sonyalphain #rautukibeli #uttarakhand


At the local government school in the village of Rautu Ki Beli, Uttarakhand, a young boy ensures that he finishes every morsel of his Mid Day meal. #middaymeal #gratitudeforfood #school #children #rautukibeli #uttarakhand #ngo #indiaphotoproject #sonyalphain #a7rii @natgeocreative @sonyalphain @dharmalifeindia


Thank you to the incredible @aratikumarrao for nominating me to participate in @ICP “Talk in Images” series, a visual conversation highlighting the power of photography as a universal language. This month the theme is “Work”.
My photography work has changed dramatically over the course of 2 decades, thematically and stylistically. We grew, and influenced and informed each other on ways to interact with the world. Having 3 children in the past 4 years, forced me to focus on doing what is important enough (for me) to be away from them for.
Through my images I try to understand what makes the earth, her people, and her wonderful creatures vulnerable to constantly shifting situations, or as is often the case, stagnant ones. For most issues, there are visionary individuals and organisations at the forefront of alleviating, rectifying and creating new ways and thoughts on how build compassion and change. For me, photography is the tool through which I can better understand the problems and some of the solutions, and translate this into visuals.
I pass this on to 2 very talented photographers @prashanthvishwanathan and @gabrielabulisova to offer their thoughts on #ICPTalkInImages Work. #ICP


To promote the use of solar lamps in #Chivandi Village, near #Pushkar , @dharmalifeindia runs an activity at a local #governmentschool that enables #children to #studyafterdark #education #igrajasthan #indiaphotoproject @natgeocreative @sonyalphain #sonyalphain #a7rii


Indira Marothia walks through her field of wheat in a village beside Pushkar. In order to grow their crop, they have to 'borrow' water from their neighbour, as their 800m deep borewell has run dry. For this favour, her husband can only irrigate the land between 10pm-5am, through winter. When the crop is sold, they will divide the profit in half with the 'owner of the water'. There is not a trace of resentment when they tell me this, just gratitude that they have access to water. #costofwater #savewater #Pushkar #rajasthan #agriculture #farming #sonyalphain #a7rii #wheat #onassignment #ngo


Om Prakash and Indira Marothia collect some wheat from their field, in a village near Pushkar, to feed their cow. In order to grow their crop, On Prakash has to 'borrow' water from his neighbour, as he has nothing left in his 800m deep borewell. For this favour, he can only use the water at night, from 10pm-5am and stays out in the cold, and when the crop is sold, divides the profit in half with the 'owner of the water'. But they are so grateful to have access to the water, these things are not regarded as problems for them at all. #costofwater #savewater #Pushkar #rajasthan #agriculture #farming #sonyalphain #a7rii #wheat #onassignment #ngo


2 year old Vaishnavi tries to scramble over the plank her family has nailed to the door in an attempt to keep her from running out of the house! #musssoorie #rautukibeli #uttarakhand #indiaphotoproject #ngo #onassignment #sonyalphain #nofilter