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#MotivationMonday from @adrianconway_ 👇 #repost

Training. You don’t win training, you don’t lose training, you train. You train for a future result so the goal in each day is improvement, growth and lessons learned. On the day of the test, that is really the only measure that counts.

This is not “working out” that is very different. Training has an intention, a specific purpose. The purpose of a training session can be a tangible number, something quantifiable like a result of time or reps or load. But the intention can also be less tangible like a “feel” or a specific mindset.

Working out is what I currently do. I show up to the gym at home, or with friends or @liveinvictorycrossfit and I do what my friends are doing or I do what I want to or do what I haven’t done in a long time for the sake of “balance”. In workouts I just go hard, there isn’t much attention to “splits” or percentages or any other intention other than “go hard and have fun”.

Working out is for everyone, training for something like the @crossfitgames is not for everyone. It takes a patience and a love for the process that is uniquely found today in humans. People now ask questions about “how to be motivated?” Or “what is the secret to sticking with it?”. There is no secret and your motivation is different for each person but doesn’t need to be searched for. If you read this and you are searching for motivation then you aren’t chasing something you love, it’s simple. There are days I have had NO MOTIVATION, and yet I was in the gym training, improving, getting better because that’s what winners do. I never thought there was ever an option to achieve my goals. So why ever be concerned with “my motivation?” All I had to do was ask ask myself....” do you want to be at the Games this year?” Or “do you want to win the cup or not?” and to the gym I went. And sold out....every time.


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Someone help him.
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Ready, set, crush. 💪 🔥
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Warning: crushing cals on the airbike may cause uncontrollable flexing 💪 #repost @trexpaulson 📸: @palkovisual

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Who's about to try this 😱??
#repost @fearlessmiranda 👇👇 •
5 Rounds (Each)
1 K Run
1 K Row

Rest while your partner goes!!!

We did this to celebrate Street Parking hitting 10,000 Members!!

Took over 90 minutes and - and a couple walks around the block + the first half of Moana for Knox. We just kept switching back and forth til we got it done!!


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Unleash the beast 😈 💥


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Have you signed up for the @midatlanticcrossfitchallenge yet? #repost

MACChallenge Individual Qualifier 19.2 brought to you by @assaultairbike.

Visit our website for complete standards and scorecards before attempting the workout. You have until January 7th 8PM EST to complete and submit this workout.
Make sure to download @wetimeapp and get ready to tackle the workout!
Good luck.

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It's all about starting 2019 off on the right foot. Here's looking ahead to a stronger, healthier, more rewarding year to come.🙌
Have you set your training goals yet?
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