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Ain’t no Gypsies gonna steal your stuff!

In my last post, I said that as an asset protection attorney, I’m like an English Cocker Spaniel.

I help you hide your family’s net worth so others can’t find it.

In real life, I use things like irrevocable trusts based in Nevis and Belize LLCs to make it so no one can get to your assets.

But using the dog analogy, I’m like the English Cocker Spaniel that hides all your valuables in holes in the ground in your back yard.

Why do this?

So when the band of Gypsies sneaks into your house, they won’t find anything.

They may break some dishes, but you can always buy more dishes.
They won’t steal your future retirement and kids’ inheritance.



‼️Risk Management vs. Asset Protection‼️

Wealthy people who don’t want to lose their money engage in “risk management.”

That’s just a fancy term for “figuring out how to not lose your @%^&$# money.” 😏

Part of “figuring out how to not lose your @%^&$# money” consists of “figuring out how to not lose your money from lawsuits.”

Think of professionals who help with “risk management” as all the types of pet dogs that are guarding their owners.

Then an “Asset Protection Attorney” is the English Cocker Spaniel. 😆
Being an Asset Protection Attorney (aka English Cocker Spaniel) myself, I won’t be your bio-accessory as you walk around the grocery story.
And I won’t bring you your paper in the morning. 😂

✅But I’ll hide your assets from @#*&^$ creditors when you need that.

In fact, I’ll (figuratively) find a place in your back yard and (figuratively) hide your valuables in a series of holes in the ground so your creditors can never get to them.👌🏻

I’m an English Cocker Spaniel.
But please don’t cut off my tail like my Ukrainian wife did to her pet English Cocker Spaniel. 😱😂




How to keep your @%^&$# money! Part 2️⃣

The difference between some super wealthy families (with $30 mil. to $100 mil.) and the “mass affluent” families (with $2 mil. to $5 mil.) is this👇🏻👇🏻

The super wealthy families know how to ✅keep their money and ✅grow it.

Now, I’m not an expert on #2 (growing your money).

Though I do know that super wealthy families don’t rely on mutual funds and CDs for their investments. (They’re aiming for much higher rates of returns. I personally invest in private equity deals that target 15% returns.)

I AM an expert at helping my clients keep their money.

The wealthy call this “risk management.”
And I focus on one small aspect of this known as “asset protection.”

In the next post, I’ll explain the difference between “risk management” and “asset protection”



How to keep your @%^&$# money! Part 1️⃣

After working with some super wealthy families (with $30 mil. to $100 mil.) and the “mass affluent” families (with $2 mil. to $5 mil.), I’ve noticed one big difference.

The super wealthy families know how to keep their money. 💰💵💎

✅Sounds simple, right?

❌Well, it ain’t.
If more families knew how to keep their money, then there would be more families with money.

Think of it.

If one generation knew how to build the wealth to $5 million, they could live fairly well on that.

Then if the next generation could keep it (the hardest part) and grow it (hard, but definitely possible), each member of the next generation could (a) keep up with inflation and (b) at least end up with the equivalent of $5 million (in future dollars).

How often does that happen?
Next to never.

Why? Read the next post



I just saw the movie Black Panther. It was very cool on many levels👍🏻👍🏻

Since you probably know it’s a superhero movie, you can assume that there is a superhero and villain.

So I don’t think I’m spoiling the movie if I tell you this much.

The Black Panther comes from a country with superior military technology.
His nemesis, Erik Killmonger, tries to take over and use the technology to wreak revenge and havoc around the world.

I see the Black Panther as using the equivalent of asset protection to protect his people and allow them to help others around the world.

Killmonger’s approach is more like con artists and criminals who steal things and then hide them using protective strategies.

I like to sleep at night slide engage in the first approach and not the second.



Don’t get wiped out! 🌊🌪️

Someone with $1 million or $2 million needs asset protection more than someone with $20 or $30 million.

They can more easily get wiped out financially.

But they need to do it before they get sued.

It takes forethought to implement what is needed and have it be successful.



Don’t play “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” with Lady Justice . 🙅🏻‍♂️⚖️

I’ve been a lawyer now for 20 years.

I love the law.
I love that there is something bigger than us that stands for Order and Justice.

But over 20 years, I’ve also see how the legal system can be like a sledge hammer.

It might get the job done.
But I wouldn’t count on it for accuracy.

If Lady Justice is blind, and if she were playing “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” I’d suggest that everyone leave the room or risk getting poked.📌



Why Asset Protection?


I have mixed thoughts about memorial day.
I grew up being very patriotic.

I was an Eagle Scout and both my biological father and stepfather were military veterans.

My stepdad who raised me was a 26-year career Navy man.
My father was a captain in the Air Force.
They both served in Vietnam. And it messed both of them up psychologically.

Memorial day is about honoring people who served and died in the military to protect our freedom.

But I have to say I don’t think most people have any idea how precious our freedom actually is.
If they did, they would treat our veterans with more respect.

And if there was more respect for veterans, my father would’ve received psychological treatment following Vietnam.

If that had happened, maybe he could have been able to be a father to me.
In that way, the American government (or at least a bunch of ungrateful voters who don’t want to take care of veterans) is directly responsible for my parents getting divorced.

My request to you is to take a minute today.
Realize that you can enjoy a hot dog and cold beer because a bunch of guys (and some women) were willing to go through living hell to protect the idea of America.

So ... what are your thoughts on Memorial Day?



In my post «How to buy property insurance ?» I mentioned getting high deductible and high coverage property insurance for personal liability.

On top of that, you should always have umbrella insurance.

It’s really cheap and it covers you in case other liability insurance gets maxed out.

To qualify for umbrella insurance, you need to already have good auto or homeowner’s insurance.

Then if you cause a car accident, and your $300,000 per person liability coverage limits is reached, the umbrella insurance will kick in to provide additional protection.

Here’s a story. 💡❗️

In law school, I was a research assistant to Professor Alan Widiss.

Once I asked him what one thing I should remember from working with him.
He said, “Get umbrella insurance.” Professor Widiss wasn’t an insurance salesman, and had no financial incentive to give this advice.

His advice was based on reading tens of thousands of legal cases over decades.



Continuation of previous post.

What they mean is that after a couple of years of studying all of the laws you come to understand that they are all inter-related with politics, psychology, social engineering, the economy, and so on.

Before law school, it felt like I was just walking around the streets of the city.

But after law school, I was able to get up on the “second floor” of the building and see how people actually related to each other on the street below.

I saw the bigger picture.
I saw precisely what the law required, and what I could possibly do that still complied with the law but was different than other people currently thought. (I saw the “loopholes,” as people say.)

Now for my own personal opinion.
The law is the foundation of civilization.

In former times, people‘s behaviors were regulated by commonly held higher aspirational standards set by religion and ethics.

Those religious morals, ethics and higher standards were more demanding than the meer requirements of the law.

For example, religion would teach us to love each other, but the law merely csays we should not kill or physically hurt each other.

Somehow our civilization has now come to depend exclusively on this final set of ground rules.

In any event, learning about the law lets you understand the bare bones of what holds our society together.



Why is being a lawyer important to me.

The reason I personally went to law school was to figure out how the world works (and do you have the opportunity to make more money).

Prior to going to law school, I was a musician, and I have to admit that there was a lot of mystery is about how people made money and how the world worked in general.

I personally went to law school on a lark, meaning that I did it kind of on the spur the moment.

At the time, I had a masters degree in music and was trying to figure out how it was going to actually make a living and be able to retire one day.

I went to the public library and borrowed some books on how to study for the law school admission examination.

A month later, I took the exam and got into the Iowa College of Law, which is one of the top 20 law schools.

I was lucky enough during my first year of law school to become a research assistant for the late Professor Alan Widiss, who was a nationally known insurance law expert.

In law school they talk about the “seamless web of the law”.

Continuation read in the next post.⠀