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It’s time for #SEAPSunday - our weekly series on the exciting changes happening at Auckland Zoo. 🚜🌿
This week, Zoo Friends Sophia and her mum Rebecca were spotted marvelling at our #FutureZoo construction!
Three-year-old Sophia loves looking at the ‘big yellow diggers’ and is taken with what the construction workers are wearing – particularly their hard hats!
Rebecca says, “It’s so great to be able to see the construction up close and explain to Sophia what’s going on, and amazing to see the changes every week. It’s exciting how the Zoo is developing and changing and this new area sounds like it’s going to be fantastic for the orangutans.”
This transformation is the biggest in our zoo’s 96-year history and a piece of Auckland’s heritage your kids can look back on and enjoy. We encourage you to bring your kids and grandkids along to see our Future Zoo take shape.
If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for our Sunday updates. 💚


The vote is in! We’re excited to announce that the names of our cotton-top twins (as decided by you) are Tito and Monito! 🐵
Thank you for helping us to name these precious cotton-tops - Tito means blessed / honoured while Monito is Spanish for ‘little monkey’.
These guys are growing up fast! As you can see, they’ve left the immediate comfort of their parents and are venturing out into their Rainforest canopy – visit and watch them explore!
Have you heard!? When you book in advance online, you SAVE up to 20% off your zoo ticket - - another great reason to visit us!


Our boys are back in town! 🦁🧡
The crew from @sevensharptvnz followed the journey of male lions Malik and Zulu all the way from @wellington.zoo to re-join our Auckland Zoo whānau.
It’s an exciting home-coming of sorts for these two boys who were born at Auckland Zoo 14 years ago to mothers Kura and Amira.
You’ll be pleased to hear they’re settling in well after their big journey north and you’ll be able to visit them as early as next week!
Visit our Facebook page to watch the clip in full 📺👍


MORE exciting Zoo News! Please join us in welcoming male lions Malik and Zulu back to the Auckland Zoo whānau. 🦁
It’s almost a home-coming of sorts for the boys – since they were born here 14-years ago to mothers Kura and Amira.
Arriving on a @newzealandpost cargo plane in the wee hours of this morning, they have been living with our friends at @wellington.zoo.
Our carnivore team leader Lauren says, “We’re very excited to be working with our Wellington colleagues to once again make it possible for locals and visitors to Auckland to connect with, learn about and support these magnificent big cats. It’s so important to advocate for them, as many people don’t realise they’re doing it tough in the wild as people increasingly encroach into their environment.”
Our lions are resting after their long journey and we thank you for your patience, we will keep you updated as to when you can visit them.
Tune into @sevensharptvnz tonight to learn more about their journey north, and click the link in our bio to read more about our exciting news.


Don’t miss the FINAL WEEKS of our magical science exhibition – Bug Lab! 💕🦋🐛🕷️
With larger-than-life 3D models and cutting-edge technology, Bug Lab was developed by New Zealand’s world-famous museum, @te_papa, with the Academy Award©️ winning @wetaworkshop.
Have you ever wanted to learn more about the world around you? Insects have been perfecting their skills over millions of years – and they have plenty to teach us.
We’ve received rave reviews from all who have visited so far, these are a sample:
“Fantastic dioramas, interactive displays, great knowledge and facts provided in different mediums to interest children and adults at different levels. Well worth a visit.” – Esther
“I had the absolute best trip to Auckland Zoo. I highly recommend Bug Lab, it was utterly incredible. The Bug Lab was educational but super fun, set up to be engaging and exciting - the models created by Weta Workshop looked amazing and were interactive. Great activity for the kids, couldn’t recommend it enough.” – Jacqueline
It’s your last chance to see it before 26 August, when leaves our shores for the USA. Get your tickets at


Visit us tomorrow (Thursday) night and learn about New Zealand’s white sharks! 🦈
Our Zoological Society of Auckland talk this month will be given by Clinton Duffy from @docgovtnz. Clinton will be discussing their research project with NIWA into white shark ontogeny.
Known as a global ‘hot spot’ for white sharks, they have been protected in Aotearoa since 2007, but until now little has been known about their distribution and population. As apex predators, they play an important ecological role in our waters, which makes this research so vital.
We’d love for you to join us this Thursday from 6.30 – 8pm at our Grasslands lecture theatre. These monthly talks are free for ZSA Members, $5 for Senior Citizens and students with ID and $10 for the general public.


Happy World Cotton Top Day! 🐵💚
In honour of this very important day, we’d love your help to name our two very important Cotton-top tamarin babies! These precious and critically endangered siblings are the first to join our zoo whānau in sixteen years.
To vote : our primates team have hand-picked the following names with their meanings given below – choose your top two and let us know in the comments!
Noemi – pleasant
Yara - Brazilian goddess
Caterina – pure
Monito - small monkey
Tito - blessed / honoured
Mitu – Colombian town
We’re still waiting to determine their sexes – so stay tuned. Voting closes this Friday at midnight with the winning names announced 8am Saturday 18 August.
Watch our latest YouTube video with primate keeper Grace and our cotton-top twins to see what names you think will best suit them!


Baby news! Introducing spider monkey Toque and Brianna’s baby. 🙊🐵
Joining the spider monkey troop and Auckland Zoo whānau one week ago, it is clinging close to mum Brianna’s chest as she navigates the rainforest canopy.
This exciting arrival is our first in seven years and has only been made possible with the arrival of male Toque from @thetorontozoo who we worked closely with late last year.
As our primates keeper Jacqui says, this newest bundle is a ‘total heart-warming joy’ and we can’t wait to see the changes in our spider monkey troop as they take on new responsibilities.
Come and visit the whole troop in their rainforest habitat and enjoy a spider monkey encounter with one of our wonderful keepers.
Click the link in our bio to watch our latest video! 👀


It wouldn’t be #worldelephantday without a special @aucklandzoo elephant cake! Our team created two jumbo colourful ice block cakes for the girls Anjalee and Burma - who showed their appreciation by trumpeting, kicking, crushing and eating them.
From all of us here at Auckland Zoo, thanks again to all who supported, donated, raised awareness and celebrated with us today!


It's a beautiful World Elephant Day today at Auckland Zoo! 🐘💕 Asian elephants Anjalee and Burma are having a great time with our terrific team and amazing vistors.
Thanks to all who have Gone Grey for World Elephant Day or have visited or are visiting us today - your ticket directly contributes to caring for not only our precious pachyderms but also the Wild Work we do and the work we help our partners do! ka pai!
If you couldn't make it today but would still like to support our Wild Work, you can donate at


Join us for World Elephant Day and show your support for elephants! 🐘🖤
We're celebrating our Asian elephants Anjalee and Burma by going grey - join in by wearing grey and visiting the zoo for one (or both!) of our two special elephant encounters at 11am and 2.15pm today.
We’d also love for you to share the memories you’ve made (and make today) with our elephants over the years on your Instagram with the hashtag #GoGreyForWorldElephantDay.
As a not-for-profit conservation organisation, every cent that we raise goes back into caring for our animals and to support conservation projects that help wildlife and community Wild Work all around the world.
Find out more about World Elephant Day and how your zoo visit helps elephants by clicking the link in our bio. 👍


Check out this #keepercam of our elephant girls enjoying a dust bath!
Our two Asian elephants, Burma and Anjalee, like to take a swim in their watering hole and then bathe themselves in sprays of fine dust with their trunks – this also acts as a screen to protect them from the sun. 🐘☀️
Did you know this Sunday is #WorldElephantDay!? Join us at the zoo dressed in your best elephant grey (grey and more grey!) and join us for our two special elephant keeper talks at 11am and 2.15pm.
Simply by visiting, a portion of your ticket goes towards our #WildWork here at the zoo and abroad – since 2008 you’ve helped us to contribute $3.25 million to directly conserving wildlife in wild places!
Learn more about how you and your whānau can make a difference this World Elephant Day by clicking the link in our bio. 👍
Have you HERD!? When you book in advance online you SAVE up to 20% off your ticket! Now that’s something to trumpet about.