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Say g’day to these strangely beautiful Australian reptiles today at 2.30pm! 🦎
One of the largest lizards on earth lace monitors spend a good proportion of their time up large trees and use their strong claws for climbing. These claws also get put to good use digging into termite mounds to lay their eggs.⠀
Did you know? Monitors have the special distinction of being the only lizards to have a forked tongue. The two halves of their tongues detect and interpret smells separately – helping them to choose the best path to seek out their next meal!⠀
Plus, visit this weekend and grab a free icecream from our friends at @tiptopnz! 🍦
. ⠀
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We have more great reasons to get outdoors and visit sunny @rotoroaislandnz!

Three precious kiwi chicks from our Operation Nest Egg (ONE) programme are scheduled for release this weekend – two on Saturday and one on Sunday.
This Saturday Mura (flame) and Takaware (slow in coming) named after her slow hatch and assisted by our bird keeper team, will be released onto the island with female chick Waipō (pictured), named 'midnight' in Māori for her dark colouring, set for release on Sunday.
You can see these chicks in a public encounter at 11am each day accompanied by one of our rangers.
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We’re lucky to have two Southern white rhinos at Auckland Zoo, Zambesi and his son Inkosi. 🦏
Zambezi’s second son Mtoto was relocated to @altinawildlifepark_zoo in Sydney as part of the International Breeding Programme for his species.⠀
Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund directly contributes to the conservation of rhino through our partnership with Lowveld Rhino Trust in Zimbabwe who work to protect rhino from active poaching threats.⠀
You can also help wildlife in need by visiting our zoo or donating online.⠀

Rhino Zambezi recently had a dental procedure, read more about it on our website by clicking the link in our bio.⠀
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Our flamingo chicks from last season are growing up and Willoughby, the ‘baby’ of this group, recently celebrated his first birthday!⠀
Flamingos are fast to grow and develop but slow to gain their pink colouring – which comes from pigment-packed carotenoids they consume as part of their diet.⠀
Our soon-to-be-named chicks 1 & 2, born earlier this year, are settling into flock life well and it’s been a real pleasure for our Pridelands team to see the wonderful protective behaviours the group have been exhibiting towards the youngsters.
You can visit our flamboyant and fabulous flock at their watering hole, right by our precious Asian elephants Burma and Anjalee! 🐘
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Our six-year-old Tasmanian devil Herod is relaxing after receiving a full geriatric health check!⠀

During this check at our Auckland Zoo Vet Hospital, our vets discovered a chipped tooth and called in the specialist services of Dr Russell Tucker from Kohimarama Vet Clinic Ltd​ who booked Herod in for a root canal procedure. We’re happy to announce that the procedure went really well and Herod is back to sunbathing in his enclosure. See the link in our bio to learn more. ⠀
We have a keeper talk scheduled at 2.45pm today in our Strangely Beautiful Australia precinct - make sure to pay Herod a visit and wish him a happy birthday!⠀

Learn more about #savethetasmaniandevilprogram to find out how they are working to conserve these endangered marsupials in Tasmania.⠀
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Learn more about Auckland Zoo’s Charming Cheetahs in our educational talk this Thursday evening! ⠀
The first of our 2018 roster of talks with The Zoological Society of Auckland, Carnivore keeper Emma Pearce will give a detailed account of Qia and Quartz’ journey from @cangowildliferanch in South Africa to their new home in Auckland and fill you in on how our cheetah girls are settling in.⠀
These informative talks run from 6.30 – 8pm in the evening at our Grasslands lecture theatre and are free for ZSA Members, $5 for Senior Citizens and students with ID and $10 for the general public.⠀
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Our māori word this week is Taika-Humātara / Sumatran tiger – for our tigers Molek and her son Berani. Ko te kupu o te wiki taika-Humātara. 🐅
Sadly these beautiful big cats are critically endangered with fewer than 500 left in the wild. Sumatran tigers are the only remaining species of Indonesia’s Sunda Islands tigers that include the now extinct Bali and Javan tigers.⠀
Auckland Zoo proudly supports @conservewildcats and the work they do for tigers in Asia. For every zoo visit you make, a portion of your ticket goes towards funding vital conservation projects like this through our Conservation Fund. You can further support wildlife conservation by donating on our website.⠀
See our tigers today, relaxing in the mist of their rainforest enclosure by Darwin’s Café.
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Meet these noisy Aussies at our Australian Bird keeper talk at 2pm today!⠀
These clever cockatoos have beautiful plumage along with zygodactyl feet (two toes facing forward and two backwards) that allow them to climb and grasp objects with one foot while standing on the other!⠀
Our talk will be held at the Strangely Beautiful Australia precinct where you will also meet our chatty Sulphur-crested cockatoo Captain and our stunning flock of zebra finches.
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Happy Auckland Pride Parade 2018! 🌈
As Auckland’s Zoo we hope to see everyone supporting our Rainbow communities by wearing their best and brightest – as you can see, our Gouldian finches have already got this covered!⠀ ⠀
You can find out more about the event on the @aucklandpride website. ⠀
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Come and see our troop of swinging spider monkeys at our keeper talk at 2.15pm tomorrow! 🐒🙊
Recently male Toque arrived from @thetorontozoo in Canada to join our group of six spider monkey females. As it is the first time Toque has been in a troop with this many females he was pretty mischievous at the start, but is settling in well.
There are many different species of spider monkey and the majority are endangered, like our black-handed spider monkeys.
In introducing a male to our troop, it is our hope that we can contribute to the continuation of this precious species.
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Soak up some nature and knowledge this weekend with a visit to @rotoroaislandnz!
We have specialist talks on both Saturday and Sunday with beautiful kiwi chick Mura (flame in Māori) scheduled for release on Saturday morning.⠀
On Saturday, Bird Keeper Natalie Clark will speak about the Operation Nest Egg (ONE) programme and our partnership with Thames Coast Kiwi Care and Rotoroa Island Trust.⠀
Sunday’s talk from Claudine Gibson, our Field Conservation Projects Coordinator, will discuss the significance of New Zealand’s status as a global seabird hot-spot with the Hauraki Gulf Region officially recognised internationally as an Important Bird Area (IBA) for seabirds. ⠀
After the talk you can observe the birds of the island, swim and picnic!⠀
Both talks are free for the public to attend, find out more information on how to get your @fullersnz ferry tickets on Rotoroa’s website.
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Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you all have a fun night planned with a friend or #lovebird. 🥂💕
We’re celebrating some of our animal couples today – otters Kanan and Takumi, red panda pair Ramesh and Khela and flamingos Lizzie and Chick snr - parents of the recently hatched Chick jnr, to name a few!
Read more about how our animals display their affections in our news section - link in bio.
For those of you coming to our magical Valentine’s bug-themed evening tonight, we’ll see you soon!
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