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Celebrating the Wonders of Nature

How does our butterfly garden grow? With a lot of work from entomologists Anne and Kyle. It's important to always have healthy flowering plants for all our butterfly species to drink nectar from. That's why it's important not to pick the flowers when you visit the butterfly garden. Not only are they beautiful, they are food for the butterflies! #NZKW #EntomologistTakeover #TeamAudubon #AudubonInsectarium


Happy #NationalZooKeeperWeek (NZKW)! Here I am working with our six year old California sea lion, Roux, in our underwater viewing area. This is fun for both of us, which helps build our relationship using positive reinforcement training. It’s great to have our guests experience these amazing animals underwater and to see them up close! - Morgan, Sea Lion Keeper #NZKW #ZooKeeperTakeover #TeamAudubon


#SharkAwarenessDay is July 14! #AudubonAquarium is celebrating sharks July 14-20 with 7 days of fun shark learning activities! With over 1,200 diverse species, sharks and rays range from commonly misunderstood to entirely unknown. This lack of knowledge means conservation efforts are frequently lacking or insufficient. You can express your support for more shark research and conservation, July 14 by using #IAMSHARK on your social media or visiting the Aquarium! #SavingSpecies


How do you celebrate a 7/11 birthday? With slurpees of course! Help us wish Okpara "Okie" a Happy 25th Birthday! Okie and the rest of the troop enjoyed "slurpees" filled with strawberries, grapes, oranges, and ice. #Gorilla #AudubonZoo #BirthdayBoy


Are you in need of some #MondayMotivation?
#BlackBear #AudubonZoo


The largest candid in South America, the maned wolf looks like a fox and is called a wolf. However, they are not closely related to either!

Pictured below is Peach, the Zoo's female maned wolf. She is actually peachy in coloration! Loki, our male, has shorter hair and is more orange in color. #FunFactFriday #ManedWolf #AudubonZoo


Despite their plant-like exterior, anemones are actually animals! Anemones are classified in the phylum Cnidaria. As cnidarians, anemones are related to sea jellies (jellyfish) and corals. Just like jellyfish, anemones have stinging cells, called nematocysts, on their tentacles to paralyze and capture prey. #MondayMotivation #Anemone #AudubonAquarium


Reese is serving up some major zen! #DYK Orangutans’ arms stretch out longer than their bodies?
#FridayFeeling #Orangutan #AudubonZoo


#AudubonZoo's @mcs_nola group worked for weeks to put together this enrichment project, a papier mache sheep stuffed with wool from our sheep in Animal Ambassadors. Recently, the Asian Domain staff used it for enrichment with the Amur leopards! The Magnolia group was able to attend to see their hard work in action. Thank you to this wonderful group of volunteers for such an exciting contribution! #OurVolunteersRock #AudubonStories #AmurLeopard


It’s CONTEST TIME! Would you and 19 friends like to have VIP seats to our Dinner and a ZOOvie showing of Wonder Woman on Friday, June 29? Plus, 20 @academy $5 gift cards and folding chairs? If so, take a picture of you/your family dressed in your best Wonder Woman garb, post it on Instagram, make sure to hashtag #ZOOvieGiveaway and tag @auduboninstitute! One lucky winner will be selected Wednesday, June 27 at 2pm on their post. Must be able to attend Friday, June 29 Dinner and a ZOOvie to enter!


Clara is rolling into the weekend like... #FridayFeeling #SeaOtter #AudubonAquarium


Ready for takeoff? It’s well known that penguins can’t fly, but their wings help some species reach swimming speeds over 20mph! 🐧 #ShakeItOff #WednesdayWisdom #AudubonAquarium