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我們的雷家琪代表很開心地參加了 ART TAIPEI #台北國際藝術博覽會 的開幕,以行動支持由三位 #澳洲 藝術家莎拉.珍.貝爾、特洛伊.伊諾森和基特.韋伯斯特參展,並由澳洲策展人易安妮所策畫的"全球公共社群"展,大家都超讚的!
#文化部 #台北

Our Representative Cathy Raper was excited to attend Art Taipei 2017 opening and support 'Global Publics' Exhibition by Australian artists Dr. Sarah Jane Pell, Troy Innocent and Kit Webster curated by Annie Ivanova. Well-done all! @dfat
#womenpower #AUinTW #ArtTaipei2017 @arttaipei @artbasel @doctorkowj


居住在高雄的王俊惟在2013到15年間前往 #澳洲 ,藉由從事 #打工度假 以尋求冒險及新的機會。我們的一位同事在參加台灣花東縱谷單車之旅時認識了他。當時王俊惟是捷安特單車旅行社的領隊。在旅程中,王俊惟侃侃而談,與來自世界各地的自行車友分享他打工度假時的種種美好經驗,來看看以下的訪談內容。#打工度假




Hannibal Wang who lives in Kaohsiung went to #Australia to undertake working holiday maker program to look for adventures and new opportunities during 2013-15. One of our colleagues caught up with Hannibal when she was undertaking a bike tour across Taiwan’s Eastern Valley. Hannibal was then the leader of the bike tour for Giant Bike Travel. During the tour, Hannibal constantly shared his positive working holiday maker experiences with bikers from all around the world. This interview was the result of the encounter.
Q: What kind of job did you do when undertaking WHM program in Australia?
A: Meat packaging, stacker driver and tour guide.
Q: Where did you spend most of your time in Australia?
A: Queensland and Western Australia

Q: How has WHM experiences influenced you?
A: I began my WHM journey quite smoothly. A couple of friends went to Australia ahead of me, I found my first job through their help. Since I was working as a tour guide in Cairns, I’ve started to realise my strong interests in working for travel and tourism industry. After I had gone through some challenges in Australia, I am now more experienced and mature. My WHM experiences also taught me that life is short, we’ll have to take every opportunity to explore and enjoy life.
Q: What did you miss the most about Australia?
A: The landscape of Australia’s outback, and the Australian value of respecting and valuing their employees.

Q: Any advice you could provide to potential WHMs to Australia:
A: Safety is the most important thing. Before my WHM journey to Australia, I was fearless.
#LifeafterWHM #WHM


上週日在2017大稻埕國際藝術節由澳洲聲音藝術家Nigel Brown及台灣與法國聲音藝術家張惠笙與澎葉生帶來了一場聲音表演,訴說著大稻埕的故事,用聲音帶著參與的人們進入交錯的時空。如您也有興趣,他們在URS127也另有裝置展覽至10月31號,免費入場。圖片來源: 牧童攝影

Australian sound artist Nigel Brown, Taiwanese sound artist Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and French sound artist Yannick Dauby presented a sound art performance for the the 2017 Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts last Sunday. It told stories of the Dadaocheng (Tua-Tiu-Tiann) area and took the audiences into a crisscross of time and space by sounds. For those who are interested, they also have an Installation exhibition at URS127 till 31 Oct. The entrance is Free. #AuinTw
Photo credit: Shephotoerd

大稻埕國際藝術節 Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts

本處雷家琪代表很高興能在台北舉行的亞太經濟合作2017年國際婦女與運動研討會上,介紹澳洲政府如何透過運動以促進兩性平等和增進婦女權。澳洲講者Vickie Saunders也分享如何鼓勵女性運動員找到自己的特質,並透過贊助商傳達他們所關切的議題。

Our Representative Ms Cathy Raper was delighted to give a presentation at the APEC - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2017 International Conference on Women and Sport in Taipei on the Australian Government’s initiatives to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment through sport. Australian presenter Vickie Saunders also spoke on inspiring sportswomen to identify their unique qualities so they can convey their messages through sponsorship. #WomeninPower #SportsDiplomacy @dfat



Taiwan’s economic prosperity, social stability and democratic achievements are cause for celebration.
Congratulations to all involved in smooth and seamless celebrations showcasing the best of Taiwan's food, dance, music - and even beer! #doubletenth


澳洲打工度假攝影展你看過了嗎?目前正在國立中央大學展出至10月13日,讓我們一起欣賞這些旅程的故事和旅途的感動。#打工度假 #澳洲打工度假
Have you checked out our stunning Working Holiday Maker photo exhibition? It's now touring to National Central University in Taoyuan until 13 October. Please come and share these Working Holiday Makers' stories of their journeys. #WHMPhotoExhibition #WHM @dfat

NCUArtCenter 中央大學藝文中心


The long weekend is on its way! Pleased to spot these fresh #asparaguses at Taiwan's local market from Australia, in time for your weekend feast. #tasteofAustralia


今早 #台北 的雲層有一點點厚度,讓我們用這顆美麗的月亮祝大家 #中秋節快樂 !
It is a little bit cloudy this morning in #Taipei . Here is a beautiful moon we prepared to wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! #midautumfestival #mooncakefestival


由旅台澳洲音樂人Steve Smith 所成立的泥狼樂團,最近發行了新單曲"太陽也升起了"。這首單曲,是紀念他在台工作與生活了四年,是與歌手Caitlin Magee的合作曲,可以在Itunes及Spotify找到哦!#音樂 #爵士樂 #雙人合唱
Introducing newly-released song “The Sun Also Rises” from Muddy Wolfe band led by Australian musician Steve Smith. Releasing this song is a tribute to his four years’ of working and living in Taiwan. This song is a joint collaboration between musician Steve Smith and singer Caitlin Magee. If you like this song, This song is available on Itunes and Spotify. Check it out! #AUinTW #Jazz #MuddyWolfe


我們史翠西副代表很高興能為澳洲打工度假攝影展在桃園開幕!展覽將在國立中央大學展至十月十三日。如果你剛好在附近,記得過去瞧瞧! #打工度假
Our Deputy Representative Patricia Smith was pleased to launch our stunning Working Holiday Maker photography exhibition in Taoyuan!
The exhibition will be at National Central University until 13 October. If you’re in the area make sure you drop in to check it out! #WHM #WHMPhotoExhibition @dfat

NCUArtCenter 中央大學藝文中心

來自西澳的胡蘿蔔這個月起開始進口到台灣囉!這些鮮、脆、甜及亮橘色的澳洲胡蘿蔔是經由水冷清洗後,從農場直送到包裝廠,再經冷凍海運貨櫃直送達給台灣消費者! #農委會 #農產品
Fresh #carrots from #WesternAustralia arrived Taiwan this month! These fresh, crunchy, sweet and vibrant orange carrots are hydro-cooled and moved swiftly from the paddock, through the packing shed and into refrigerated sea containers to Taiwanese consumers! #Aussiecarrots #Australiancarrots #TasteofAustralia


G'day, mate! Here starts another week with a beautiful day.