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@drewmerritt did an amazing painting of @joncruztuck ’s daughter for #guamspraycation 2018. // What an amazing time in Guam with an incredible line up of artists. So thankful to be apart of it! @chopemdownfilms And I went out there for a while and are excited to share this and a bunch more edits.


So much love on this island. ❀️


So stoked to be in Guam with such a rad group of Artists and people. || @tristaneaton @cyrcle @cryptk @faith47 @therealfafi @persue1 @stephen_bliss @shanejessup @chopemdownfilms and so many more! #guamspraycation #letsparty


πŸ‡»πŸ‡³ // white tiger.


Had the opportunity to go film with @runeglifberg @stew_bacca and @kevinbaekkel in Bali for @monsterenergy and @thrashermag // here is my cut from our trip, link in bio. (Watch full in 4k 😊) Thank you so much to both companies for the opportunity and everyone who partied and showed us around #bradismyhero


Here’s a little teaser for tonight in SF with @low_bros at @mirusgallery 🀘🏽for @chopemdownfilms // gonna be an epic time! Sounds by @systemolympia


Bondi Boys // New full edit from this years @bowl_a_rama // link in bio!


Estamos contigo Puerto Rico !
I was able to go back to Puerto Rico with local artist, @alexis_diaz where I stayed with his family, saw the damage first hand, and filmed a restoration of a mural that was destroyed in the hurricane.
Puerto Rico is still in basic relief mode. To this day there are thousands without power, roofs, clean water, or even homes to return to. More than 250,000 people have left PR for the mainland due to unlivable circumstances, suicide attempt rates have skyrocketed, and aid has been stripped away because of fear of misuse. We have to do more, we are all human and every single one of our lives matter.
Here is mostly Super8 raw footage from my visit. @chopemdownfilms


Copenhagen 2017.


Made it to Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
Excited to see all the homies destroy.


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