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Life is a series of random events

#花 #横浜 #ニコン

Kōhoku-ku, Yokohama

#愛 #東北 #地震 #東京 #neverforget #日本
Paper lantern in remembrance of the more than 10,000 people who lost their lives in the great earthquake of 2011 #love #rip

東京ミッドタウン / TOKYO MIDTOWN

Everyone needs a wingman
#丹沢山 #鳥 #梅

Mount Tanzawa

2 feet
10 fingers
1 heart ~
10,000 reasons to go
A hesitation to stay
1 step to start ~
A fraction of fear
With infinite love
500 times smart
10 times foolish $100 in the bank
A risk for art
A million words
A thousand captures
Nameless is my part
A path not found
A lifetime of hopes
No restart
#poetry #writer #梅 #花 #丹沢山 #ニコン

Mount Tanzawa

Hanging on
Till everyone's gone
So I can spread my wings
And leave the bad things
Here on the ground
I'm sky bound
Breaking free
Showing the true me
But for now I wait
Against my invisible gate
Looking for my chance
To seize all that life grants
#poetry #writer #鳥 #丹沢山 #山


You can beat me
And treat me
Like dirt under your feet
You can greet me
And meet me
Like spoils you reap
From me

I'll take it
And make it
A part of my being
I'll fake it
Not break it
Without ever seeing

The impact on me

My bruises
The fuses
To awaken my spirit
My past
The mast
To no longer fear it
And one day
You'll miss
Your shot gone astray
And you, I'll dismiss
As I gather my pieces
Your hold releases
My panic ceases
And I rise

Against lies
Against ties
Breaking my guise
Of cries
Of goodbyes
And that part of me dies
As my heart tries
And vies
To shed that shell
My personal hell
That brought me to here
I'll shed not a tear
The choice is in me
To let the past be
And step up
Step forward

Be free

#poetry #writer #wildlife #長野 #地獄谷 #ニコン #冬


To make a wish upon a star
To carry it with me near and far
Only to let it slip between my fingers
And run for hours yet it lingers
To shrink until I fade away
To lose all that I want to stay
No reason nor sense can find me here
Consumed by my loss, swallowed by fear
Until I see the souls protecting the sky
A wish to see if I live or die
Each one a compact universe of hope
A wish that let's me begin to cope

#星 #一宮町 #東浪見 #ニコン