NSFW account! My wittle age is 4-7 I is kitty fox hybrid. I do rp story lines. Safe for all little all ages. I is the pansexual 🏳️️‍🌈

Hello. Well I haven’t been posting as constant as I would like and I know some of you are confused why I haven’t been so im gonna just explain it here. So my apartment flooded so I had to go to a hotel with shit WiFi and then move all the shit back to where it’s supposed to go. Me and my bf had a huge fight and I’ve just been really focusing on our relationship. I haven’t been in little space in a really long time so it’s hard for me to post or create something ddlg/mdlg/ddlb/mdlb. I can still go into pet space but that’s getting hard to do as well. Just a lot of things are going to shit right now I guess. But ya that’s why I haven’t really been posting. I’ll try once the unpacking is over with. Sorry if you guys get bored of this account while waiting I won’t be sad if you guys decide to unfollow. Ok I’m done thanks for reading if you did.