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Omg so beyond happy for you @arianagrande !!!!!!!


This article is 100% true. @charlieputh is the real deal! He’s also a very handsome young man! Charlie, congrats on your fantastic body of work. You are a one of a kind talent and an awesome person! Congrats also to the awesomely talented and my favorite dad @jkash . You guys did such good work. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this album with #EmptyCups and @abcdefghijames123456789 and @rickardbgoransson


No tears left to cry vertical video now out on @spotify @arianagrande




Yay!!!! @arianagrande so happy for you and proud of you and thankful for you!!!!! This is our 8th top 10 together!! Many more to come ❤️! Thank you for pouring your soul into this and allowing us to come along for the ride. We love you tons!!! Cc: @ilya_music #MaxM


Happy 6th birthday to my beautiful funny magical little boy!!! How are you 6 already ?!? I can’t believe your mom and I have only 12 more years to keep you out of prison! (Kidding!!) You light up every room you walk in. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of you! Thank you for making us laugh, for all the cuddles and kisses, all the dance parties, all the questions, the funny accents, and water balloon fights. You are the best son any parent could ask for. I’m so proud of the kind hearted person you are. You’re also becoming an amazing big brother (we see how you look after your brother when you think no one is watching!) he’s as lucky to have you as we are. Your mom and I can’t wait to watch you grow into the amazing person we know you will become. Love you more than you can possibly know. Happy birthday!


@arianagrande ❤️🙌🎉🎊


It’s an amazing thing to watch an artist find the courage to dig deep into her soul and tell her truth. I feel so lucky to have witnessed this the last 5 months. Thank you, @arianagrande for letting us be apart of this journey. The fact that you have one of the GREATEST VOICES of all time and that you are a true force of nature goes without saying. But it’s your strength, vision and determination to spread love and hope with this new music that has been most inspiring. Anyone else would have hid away, but instead, you focused your energy on bringing light to those who needed healing. You could’ve taken the easy way out and you didn’t. We are all grateful. You inspired us all to push ourselves and go places creatively we other wise wouldn’t have. I’m so proud to call you my friend and so very excited for the world to start hearing what you’ve created!!!! Everyone go check out “No Tears Left To Cry” tonight!


#ArianaIsBack Friday.




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