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Let your voices be heard! The youth have always lead movements for change. Let’s let them know we’ve got their backs!!! #fuckthenra


A dear friend of mine told me he heard a wise man say this once, and I thought it made sense. #ThinkBig


:-( 💔


This article is eye opening and horrifying:


Xmas in February


The irony.


Whoop!!! Congrats @theweeknd!!


I’ll just leave that there and say THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN ANYWHERE ELSE!!


Just sayin...


I’m going to start rating episodes of “This Is Us” by how many Kleenex’s i needed to get through it. Tonight’s episode was a 3! 😢


In early fall/late summer 1997, I remember all my friends had gone off to college and I was the ‘loser’ stuck in my parents house dreaming of being a professional songwriter. I remember nothing happening, no one replying to my tapes and being in such a negative headspace that I didn’t even feel trying anymore. I remember I turned on the TV and saw @Oprah. She was launching her “Angel Network”. She created it to encourage people to use their gifts, talents or whatever blessings they had to help others. I remember being so inspired that I wrote my first song in weeks (horribly titled “I’ve got an angel”). I naively hoped I could get it to @Oprah so I sent it to Harpo Productions. I have no idea if it got to her (I doubt it!), but it did get to an A&R person I sent it to as well, he loved it and encouraged me to keep writing. Months later I signed my first publishing deal. Here I am 20 years later, uninspired with writers block, consumed by all the negative and scary things going on in the world. Wondering how to raise my kids in a world like this. And again, I turn on the TV and there she is, a shining example of human potential and a beacon of hope during these crazy times. Thank you @Oprah for being alive, and thank you for inspiring us all to be better and do better. “A new day is on the horizon” Amen!.