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@Mark_Charles on the top of Tuning Fork, first summited by Herb and Jann Conn in 1952. Mark is currently working with Chris Hirsch on writing up a new guidebook for the area.


Last night the moon and Venus were less than half a fist (6 degrees) from each other after sunset. There was an excellent thunderstorm above me, but for anyone with clear skies, I'm sure it was awesome to see. Here's a shot of the moon from Kauai, the evening before it displayed its super blue blood moon eclipse extravaganza back in January.


⚠️ Warning:
Persistence may lead to impressive activities during snowstorms.


Did you know that more people die from coconuts than shark attacks? 📷PC: @JeffCarlsonPhoto


I never was much for crowds, especially first thing in the morning.


Sunset rope maintenance.


[ Insert what ever you want to read here. ]

I don't know who this person was, but this place is incredible, and that day was awesome.


Meet Hawky, an 18 year old highliner from the Black Hills of South Dakota. He started highlining less than two years ago. A couple weeks ago his PR was the pictured line here (73m). Last weekend he nearly doubled his PR when he on sighted a 130m line, full-manning a 214m line on the second try the next day. Needless to say, he's most definitely inspiring, and I'm looking forward to watching him continue to grow as a highliner. Keep an eye out for him, because he's coming for your canyons, towers, and big walls.


While you can almost always guarantee the sun will come out everyday in Kauai, you can also bank on rain everyday in Kauai. @jeffcarlsonphoto and I had some pretty interesting experiences in the Kauai rain, from accidentally destroying a girls phone just before she left the island to fly home to our windshield wipers flying off our truck while driving down the highway.

On Super Bowl weekend parts of Kauai received ~14" of rainfall, which was A LOT of rain.

About 10 days ago parts of Kauai received 49.69" of rain in 24 hours. INSANE. Also, record breaking.


Do good. Consume less. Reduce waste. Get out side. Smile. #EarthDayEveryday


Each day we never really knew where we were going. Everything had a habit of just being. Friends piled in the back of our truck and we drove until the road disappeared into a marsh. We could hear music across the river as a girl came walking past. She had heard say of a beach clean up and reggae show. We gave her a ride to the closest bus stop back in town and decided to check out the beach bonfire. I'd never be able to put the evening into words, but there were sunsets, stars, ocean waves, fire, music, so much music, community, smiles, warm food cooked and prepared by everyone, laughter, singing, dancing, and this sunrise.

Berlin Blues 🎶- @alicephoebelou


Some nights I make bison burgers topped with cinnamon honey beet & sweet potato fries, fresh basil, and a toasted bun soaked in habanero blueberry sauce. --Other nights I eat black beans straight out of the can, or old trail mix I spot within reaching distance from my bed.


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