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Finally feeling Fall.
My love/hate with culottes continues though i blame it for my major weight gain the last two years. Skinny jeans kept me skinny, maybe i should go back to wearing them again 😂


Yoshi says please protect the 🐘 ... anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with Elephants. They’re the smartest and kindest of animals. Let’s not make them a distant memory. Check out @DSWT to foster an orphan elephant this Christmas ♥️ #BeKindToElephants


Hoot Hoot, it’s FRIDAY! Packing up my Owl and signing off for the weekend (let’s see how long i last! Any takers?) 🦉🦉🦉


New Gucci mixed with old. One thing is for sure, never throw out your @Gucci. Am I right or am I right?!


Took my date to a bar and he was too busy checking out the other 🐥 babies but he did say Auntie Tina is his favorite!
#TrainThemYoung (Yes I’m in pajamas. I’m jetlagged since it’s 3am in Hong Kong so 🤷🏻‍♀️) @olyasinitsyna don’t worry while you’re traveling- i will take him out daily 🥂

The Honor Bar - Dallas

J’adior ♥️ in the City of Dreams

新濠天地 City of Dreams

Looking graceful while casually perched on a tub in a sparkly dress is a special talent of mine. ✨✨✨

I’m going to miss my Hong Kong friends and home away from home @upperhouse_hkg! From check in to check out and walking me to customs at the airport to make sure I made my flight, i was totally spoiled.
Thank you, @marcelthoma, for taking such good care of me!

The Upper House HKG

Find your light and surround yourself with people who shine just as brightly. Don’t fear their light will dim yours, aspire that together you’ll sparkle even bigger, brighter and better. #AllIsLove ✨✨✨ (Skin courtesy of @reneerouleau thermal/ice fusion therapy #NoFilter) @beautyswipes


Madness in Macau! Thanks to everyone who came to @dfsofficial #tgalleria today (more in my stories!) 🤗🤗
Loved meeting all my China followers, see you all again very soon!

#ad #givejoytogether

新濠天地 City of Dreams

Hey, Macau! Come drink champagne and shop with me Saturday, 11/11, at T Galleria @dfsofficial in Asia’s largest shoe and bag hall from 5-7:30pm! 🐉🐉🐉
#ad .
#TheRealMotherOfDragons #tgalleria #givejoytogether

新濠天地 City of Dreams

Hello, Hong Kong! Checked into @upperhouse_hkg to find a closetful of Dior and Chanel waiting for me but the super soft robe won 😂 .

How to beat jet lag #TheUpperHouse style (more in my stories): .

1. Scented oil bath with the most gorgeous view of Hong Kong harbor.
2. Pamper with a 90 Min detox in-room 💆🏻 massage.
3. Order Hainan Chicken rice.

4. Turn on Do not disturb sign.

What about you... How do you fight off jet lag?! #OurHouseIsYourHouse

The Upper House HKG

Wanna know how I survive 16.5 hour non-stop flights to Hong Kong and look well rested upon landing?! My travel beauty routine on today (Link in bio and in my stories) 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 .
I alternate between 3 rollers (it’s 16.5 hours and i need variety 😂): .
1. @refa_usa ReFa roller is great for defining jawline and massaging the delicate eye area. Apply @freshbeauty Creme Anciennes Eye serum and eye cream before rolling around the eyes!

2. @nursejamiela’s purple wand is like a facial in a stick! It depuffs and helps with in-flight congestion. .

3. My trusty old Jade Roller I’ve used for years and years. Increases circulation to give a healthy flushed appearance, overall tightening of skin, plus it just feels so good!
Pro-tip: apply  @lacremebeaute Organic Bee Venom Beauty Boost before rolling. It provides a layer of protection from the dry air and rolling will help it absorb into the skin better! .

HOURLY: drink water and spritz skin with @tatcha Luminous dewy skin mist made of silk extracts and oils to help skin retain moisture! I’m obsessed with this- best face spritzer on the market!

An hour before de-planing: i always throw on a sheet mask towards the end of flight!
STIFF NECK? My Guasha stone releases tension in my neck and shoulders and is a great self massage tool for calves. (Ps- I also wear compression socks on long flights, it keeps my ankles from swelling, increases circulation and avoids clotting.)

Hong Kong International Airport 香港國際機場

Spent yesterday feeling 💔frightened but today, determined. Just heard from @droesepr that TCU is on lockdown RIGHT NOW from yet another active shooter on campus and that her son is hiding in a closet?!?! Enough is enough! .

Why is it that our government makes it harder for me to buy allergy meds for my kid than it is for a lunatic to buy a gun?! We need to take action, all of us. Check out @momsdemand and @everytown - two great organizations to support with your time or donation.


Teeny from the rock 😂 (More in my stories lol)
ps @maisonvalentino I need this look in every color of the 🌈, grazie!

#VLTN #freerockstud


Heartfelt thanks to all our friends who came to shop in support of @bestbuddies, an organization close to both mine and @janmiller3525’s hearts. And a special thank you to @stellamccartney ♥️ please take a minute to swipe and watch Lisa Smith, who performed her amazing gift of signing for us!
Best Buddies is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending social, physical, and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their programs empower the special abilities of people with IDD by helping them form meaningful friendships with peers, secure successful jobs, live independently, improve public speaking, self advocacy and communication skills, and feel valued by society. You can help by choosing one of three programs:
One-to-one friendships•
Integrated Employment•
Leadership Development on ♥️♥️♥️


All about Fall's best reds and my working mom life on! @Farfetch #TheOne #Farfetch #ad
📸 @maxwellturner


And then we discovered I’m also quite good at posing on motorcycles 🏍️
@voguechina .
. 📸 @runxiwang
Stunt assistant: @adam_dadson


Humiliate your children early in life, it’s your only chance. Nowadays I can’t get my kid to let me dress him let alone coordinate our costumes but at least I have memories. 😂 (Halloween circa 2009)


My latest feature in @VogueChina #VogueMini : The Texture of Fall bags- from sumptuous velvets (@oscardelarenta TRO) and furs (@Prada) with sequins (@Marcjacobs) to lady-like tweeds (@chanelofficial), swipe to see all my favorites! .
#BagChatWithTina @angelica_cheung
📸 by @runxiwang .
Styling assistants: @thejandyshop @dreamdisco

New York, New York

T is for Tina.
T is for TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art.

Fantastic evening with @harrywinston and my @fedeboido!

Congrats to 2017 Chairs @thomasahm @naseebs!

Rachofsky House

Working from bed this morning as I have post traumatic stress from my car accident. My boy was with me and in that second of the crash I only thought of him in the back seat. Thankfully all are ok, I think I’m more traumatized mentally and emotionally than anything else though my neck does hurt. 😞 .
Happy Friday, everyone. Be safe this weekend. ♥️
(Photo from yesterday’s football game. One more game and we are done with the season!)


Throwback to 1999... 18 years ago... when my abs were flat and my bum perky. I was hustling hard on TV in Asia hosting three shows at the same time. Fashion and travel, Food and MTV Asia. Anyone remember International Top 20 countdown? I used to do that show Lol #TheGoodOlDays


The Boy LOVES his gift from auntie @chiaraferragni and uncle @fedez 💚 🐉 !
And feelin’ super legit ! #FedezForBershka


Posting this look again because it was no small feat getting into this sick @verawanggang corset (literally a 2 person job- thanks @jloganhorne!) Couldn’t eat or drink but I felt damn good!
As a woman, I’ve been told all my life to dress a certain way to avoid “unwanted attention”. When I was 18, a man pulled me by my ponytail in front of Albertsons in LA and tried to drag me off. My groceries spilled everywhere and I screamed for help. Did anyone do anything?! Nope. People watched or kept walking.
Luckily, he ran off when he realized I wasn’t worth the trouble (kicking and screaming like a crazy person.) I called the police, shaken, and do you know what the officer told me after he took my report?! That I should probably not run around town in a flimsy strapless top cuz “I WAS ASKING FOR TROUBLE”. I am sharing my story to let all young women who follow me know that we can not only be whoever the hell we want in life, we can wear whatever the hell we want!!!
And to all the men in the world who try to say otherwise- I GOT THAT MILF MONEY 🍑🍑

New York, New York

Magical night in Rome by way of NYC with @bulgariofficial ! My first set of serious statement jewels from my husband (then boyfriend) was Bulgari’s Parentesi necklace, cuff and ring— inspired by the stones that paved Roman roads. It’s still a treasure close to my heart and I can’t wait to collect more (swipe to see!). Such a thrill to be part of #BulgariNYC #FromRometoNYC !

The Met Cloisters

Are you guys watching my Insta stories today? Mama’s a cookin’ away (and exercising in public places humiliating my kid 😂)


Welcome to the Age of the Female @bumble @bumblebizz with @whitwolfeherd leading the way! 🐝🐝🐝
#NowWereInBusiness #BumbleBizz . .
💎 Choker and bracelet: @jamiewolfjewelry .
📸 by @bfa #BFA #BFAambassador .
Sequin suit from another bad ass lady boss: @aliceandolivia - I thought it appropriate for the event #femalefirst

The Pool New York

E P I C dinner celebrating the launch of @bumblebizz with @whitwolfeherd singing and dancing with @fergie 🐝🐝🐝 #NowWereInBusiness #FemaleFirst #WomenPower #BumbleBizz

The Pool New York

I was not that little girl who dreamt of being saved by Prince Charming (though I did want to live in a castle 👸🏻). I was too busy climbing trees and scaling walls alongside my brothers, often climbing to heights higher than them (once fell off the roof of our house😂) to prove I can do everything the boys did but better. .

Luckily I had a grandmother who encouraged my ambitions and told me if I could see it, I could be it. I still live by these words today and am excited to help others do the same on @bumblebizz ! .

Can’t wait to celebrate tonight alongside the baddest lady bosses @whitwolfeherd @erinfoster @sarafoster @karliekloss @katehudson @droesepr and @priyankachopra ! #bumblebizz #nowwereinbusiness

New York, New York