Baloo In The Wild@baloointhewild

I know you don't get chance to take a break this often
I know your life is speeding and it isn't stopping
You take my shirt and just go ahead and wipe up all the
Sweat, sweat, sweat
Lose yourself to dance
Lose yourself to dance
Lose yourself to dance
Lose yourself to dance


“Do you think it means something emotional when they do that mouth stretch?” -@treefighter 📹 - “I think that they’re stressed, they say.... can’t imagine why” - my mom 😂


Very pleased by the return of the fluffy white stuff today.
Photo from new human friend @standtallest


You’re telling me that in that there ocean there are things with bigger sharp teeth than me? Yea right.


Went a little hard out of the gates on the season opener. Took a tooth to the femur from my girlfriend @zuluinflight, and ended up in the puppy ER. I always felt like I’d look a little more cool with a scar 🐾😉


Morning snowscapades with my pawtners @taylorfreesolo @parkcitynorm @zuluinflight @aidanle


Everyone is obsessed and looking at the #monumentvalley landscape. But I think this bush suites me better. #choices #whateverfloatsyourboat @taylorfreesolo @renan_ozturk


My dad is failing me as a cameraman


I’m really happy to be here.


First shot of the season! #fluffywhitestuff


If I’m going to nap, I’m going to do it in the least ideal place possible for my humans. Like right on top of my dad’s ‘work-in-progress’ from his last trip to Nepal. But... what a place to dream. In those mountains and colors 🐾


Umm... anyone else feel completely terrified when in the 3ft vicinity of @cedarwright ??? Jk. Kinda. #love #friends w/ @kendraroselyons