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Today’s wisdom: “Don’t make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion.”

I’ve been so sick for the last week and overwhelmed with “to do” lists that I literally want to run away somewhere and become a hermit. I can’t tell if it’s just me being sick or if I’m just sick of being me, but either way it sucks. #thistooshallpass

My husband said today that I was just not feeling well and I shouldn’t make any permanent decisions when I feel this way, and he is right. #heusuallyis ☺️

I’ve had a cough that has kept me up at night for 6 days straight, a headache that won’t go away behind my right eye, constant stomach pain from antibiotics, and body aches from not being able to move from my couch to my mat, so yeah... I’m not myself and need to take that into consideration before I go doing anything drastic.

Today I got on my mat, took this photo and then tried to practice. My head began to throb, so I’m back on the couch and I’m okay with that. Not pushing myself is progress, right? I honestly can’t tell today.

I’m doing my best to work within my limitations so instead of working out, I wrote a blog for you called Core Control (with regard to learning how to #handstand). It is up on my website if you’d like to learn an awesome core drill to help you.🤸‍♀️🙏🏻 (link in bio)

Leave me a comment if you are sick too (we can feel sorry for each other 😆) or if you have any cough remedies. So far I’ve tried pineapple🍍juice and ginger shot both have had little effect.😷
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Kerri Verna

This pretty much sums up my last 3 years... how is that possible?!?😂 #instagramquoteonpoint I’m so grateful for all my mistakes, my failures, and problems because I feel smarter and wiser than ever!

Who’s ready for 2019?🙋🏼‍♀️

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Kerri Verna

Please read 👉🏻 This is one of my most favorite images I’ve posted on Instagram. It was taken last year on a trip with my family to the Grand Canyon. When I looked at it, I smiled because I realized just how far I’ve come.

I had lived so many years in #chronicpain, afraid to live my life to the fullest, worried about “what if.” I listened to everyone around me who told me I’d never do this or never do that, and I let those critical spirits deter me from even trying to do anything to better myself. I was convinced that I was dealt a bad hand in life and that there was nothing I could do about it.

The physical aspect of my #transformation is easy to post about on Instagram because it’s what people can see, but it’s the emotional and spiritual journey that has made the most impact on my life.

Today, I’m 44 years old doing things that my 24 year old body never dreamed of and that in itself made me realize change is possible - I can have a different ending to my story than what I believed it would be. It also made me understand that just because someone (white lab coat or otherwise) says something definitive about me, doesn’t make it a fact. I get to decide what is a fact. I have the power to #change my life.

For me, at the age of 37 I decided to try to learn how to do a #handstand. As silly as it may seem to some, this decision empowered me to believe in myself. It allowed me to “try” and allowed me to see that my story isn’t finished yet.

Here I am at 44, standing (on my hands) at the top of the world realizing that truly anything is possible.

To inspire YOU, I created a FREE downloadable pdf of My 6 Best Handstand Tips for anyone wanting to “try”. The active link is in my bio.🙃

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Kerri Verna

This video sums up my yoga practice today. I’m sick, in bed, sore throat and a fever. I feel like 💀 Yay me.😐🤧😷😩

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Kerri Verna

At the airport... so very tired. Feeling a little sad because I feel like I just closed a chapter in my life, but happy that I’m about to start a new one.

I don’t like to travel alone. I miss my family so much it hurts. I want to break down crying here in the airport. But, I’m holding it together because that would really be embarrassing.😂😭😂 I’m really not the outgoing extrovert type in case my instagram page fooled you. I’m shy. I feel totally awkward around strangers. In my 20s, I’d have a full blown anxiety attack anytime I had to socialize with strangers. ⠀
At 44, I’ve learned to smile and just act “normal”😂, but inside I’m like 😳😬🤪.

Sometimes (most of the time actually) strangers aren’t so bad. I’m always so blessed by meeting new people.

For the last 6 years I’ve traveled all over the world teaching #yoga. I’ve met thousands of strangers and it’s been such a beautiful thing... I’m going to miss it, but I’m ready to be home now. Home is where my heart is.

Maybe I’m just getting older, but I’m realizing that life is but a vapor. Here and then gone. We aren’t promised tomorrow, so today needs to count.🙏🏻

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Kerri Verna

🧘‍♀️Tutorial: Urdhva Padmasana or the lotus pose in #headstand.🧘‍♀️


Is this hard or easy for you? What do you find is the biggest hurdle for you trying to get into lotus while in headstand? I’m here to help!🙋🏼‍♀️

What other #yoga tutorials do you want to see?

More on my playbook app! 👉🏻Go to


Kerri Verna

Hahaha 😂🐶 ⠀
So busy these last few days that I haven’t really been on here. I am going to be going live in a few min reviewing my new juicer however! Make sure to tune in if you are wanting an honest review of a cold press juicer. I’ll make sure to tell you if it’s worth the money!

Thanks for the laugh @badassvegan - the humor is much appreciated!

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Tacos or Exercise?

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ST LOUIS YOGIS! I am teaching my last scheduled workshop next weekend, Dec 7 & 8 at @yogacoreandmore! Please come!

All levels • Beginner friendly! 3 workshops to choose from or sign up for the full weekend for a discount! #noperfectpeopleallowed
I am slowing down my teaching schedule and won’t be traveling, so PLEASE do come out if you live near.

Sign up link in my profile!


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How to work the quad/hip & shoulder flexibility of #Natarajasana Pose!

Ever see those amazing yogis or gymnasts get into this pose and you are like 😳? Yeah... me too! I’m not naturally flexible and everything I have gained flexibility-wise came from working with amazing coaches and trainers. This trick is from my circus coach, Eugene. He knows his stuff!

If your couch 🛋 isn’t tall enough, use a dining room table or even the bathroom sink. This will make sure that you are not opening the hip to compensate for the quad tightness.

The strap helps with the shoulder flexibility, but remember not to force this. Just let the strap guide you instead of pulling really hard.

I’m putting together a lot of tutorials for my Playbook App this week! Let me know what else you guys want to see!

PS: if you live in St Louis I’m teaching there NEXT WEEKEND! Come! #noperfectpeopleallowed Link in profile!
👖 @k.deer

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Kerri Verna

Did you know that being around dogs🐶 will reduce your cortisol (fight or flight response) levels and will make you live a longer, healthier, & happier life?!😉😱🎉🙌🏻

Did you also know that blasting your #core muscles will LITERALLY change your mood by reducing and blocking stress hormones in your 🧠? ⠀
Having a strong core can also reduce anxiety and depression that is triggered by having a weak or under developed core?

When we have instability in our spine or pelvis (or both), it can send a message to the brain that we are in danger of “falling” or we are “unstable”. The brain’s response can be anxiety or even lead to chronic depression over time. Add in the normal stressors of life, and we are really fighting an up hill battle if we don’t take care of our bodies.

I don’t spend most of my life talking about the core for the “look”, or to do amazing things like handstands. I talk about it because LITERALLY having a strong core leads to a happier, more productive life. Not only will you feel better, you will be stronger, and happier! Then, all you have to do is get a dog and you’re set!😂 🐶😉

You guys... the holiday season is a very emotionally hard time for many of us. Heck, LIFE is emotionally hard for most of us! We have to do everything we can to fight the “blues” and take care of ourselves. It may not solve all your problems, but it can help you face them with a better disposition and a clearer head.

Click the link in my profile & download my Playbook app. Try my Quick Core workouts free for 7 days! We can do this together!💪🏻 ⠀
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