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There's no place like home.


I made many more quilts than these -- but these are special! Gifted to our 6 children in Sept. As we celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary!
Happy New Year 2018 to all!🐝💞😘🌵


Sunrise over Phoenix - Dec 31, 2017. Happy New Year, everyone!🐝


Happy Birthday to my sweet wife on her 80th! Gene


Our view for the next few months!


A beautiful clear morning on Flathead Lake. The smoke is gone! Hallelujah!!🐝💞🙏


At home in Auburn, Al! With Lance and Nancy- thank you both so much for spending time in Mt with us!
Pattern and fabric are Zen Chic- love her stuff! Quilted by Susan Gorder!!


Gifted to daughter, Maria and son-in-law John last week ! Loved making this quilt last fall and early winter- quilted by Marci Watson!
Thank you, Maria and John, for sharing our joy- and for bringing Ali along!


This one lives in Billings with daughter,Lori! We lovingly call it "Bill Unruh's Life-savers"! My Dad always had some for the grands!
Having you and Jake and Dan and Cassie with us at Quinn's was priceless!! Thank you!


Made this one before Christmas last year- in my in-house sewing room all snugly and warm! I was thinking about Mark and Kitsy in Fargo and wanted them to have it to keep them warm this winter!
Thank you so much, dear children, for coming to Mt. To share last week with us!🐝💞😘


There's just something about " Swoon"...
This one went to live in Texas with Son Mike and daughter-in-law, Colleen. Hope Faith and Bella and Ami and Luci enjoy it, too!
Thanks so much for celebrating with us!!🐝💞😘


Loved making this quilt last winter in AZ! Gifted to my Florida children last week as we celebrated as a family, Gene's and my 60th wedding anniversary!
Thanks for coming, Barb and Craig!🐝💞😘


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